hey there.x

hi there,my name is ashlay and i started cambridge on fri but gave up2day and i really want to get back into the swing of it again,i am 16st and my first goal is to get down to 13.

i have got2gorg girls aged4and1,there my life, i am also engaged and plan to get married abroad but not looking like this,would love to get down to about 10-12 as i am a size 18-20.

i am going on holiday in may and would love to get in2a bikini(i wish),will it be possible? Also my bro-inlaw is gettin married in oct and would love a gorg outfit! oh cant forget my daughter starts school in aug and want to be 'yummy mummy' instead of 'frumpy mummy!'.

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hi hun

Yeah you could reach your goals just have to stick at it give it another go its is hard work but we are all here doing it too. good luck xx
oh cheers chick,i cant belive that i gave up on the 3rd day,so here goes.
well done on ur weight lost! what size were u when u started2now?xx


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I started Friday too so this is Day 5. Don't worry about your blip, just get straight back on it. It is hard and I've felt rough these past few days but I'm feeling much better today. Good luck.


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I was 20/22 and now 12/14 if you can make it to day 4 it really does get easier look at the pics in my album to get an idea of how big i was


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to be honest looking back the first few weeks were hard work but its really does get better after day 4 I can't believe how fast the time has gone it really dragged on for the first few weeks then it flew by. you will get there girlies

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Im on day 2 again and know how hard it is. Try again and think about everything you are dreaming of...wedding...bikini.. being a size 12 yummy mummy and if you stay on plan you can have it.
As Kerry says after day 4 it does get easier


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S: 17st11lb C: 17st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 39.9 Loss: 0st2lb(0.8%)
I keep my before picture on my phone so its there all the time reminding me why i am doing this


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If you cannot stick to for the first 3 days after at least two to three tries, which is when most people give up, then just eat protein until you are in Ketosis.

Protein can be: eggs, bacon, cheese (small amount) any meat. Do this until you reach ketosis (then the hunger will go) keep drinking the water.

Then on day 3 /4 start CD properly. Many of my clients have had success using this strategy.

It's the getting into Ketosis which makes it harder, once your in it's up to your willpower how much you want to be thin.

Nothing tastes better than a size 8 bikini!

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Hi Ashley,

The First 3-4 days are the hardest, once you get into ketosis the diet is alot easier. I'm back here on a restart after losing 2.5 stone last time.

Once you're in ketosis you don't get hungry and so food doesn't become such an issue. If you stick to the diet you should lose approximately 14lbs a month, better than any other diet I know!!

Stick with it but if you desperately need to eat try to snack on protein. Failing that ask your CD about the bars... they make the diet more enjoyable.

If you get bored in the evening and find it's a high snack time try and arrange something to take your mind off it. Even just talking to folks on minimins can alleviate some of the temptation.

Take care

Hey thanks every1,i am just goin2bed now,my first day back on it and it has been a really good day and night! has any1 tryed green tea? i found that really helped when my tummy was rumbling,i just made a cup.

cant w8 till thurs for my weigh in!xx