hey WWtchers!


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hi guys, i know a few old faces from WW on here! ive done it in the past and really really really enjoyed the diet so much! I have just had a baby and as i gained so much weight wante it off fast. I did 6 weeks on cambridge diet and lost 2stone, but then caved and gained half a stone back in 7 weeks, im back on cambridge now (one week in) but im really struggling to look after my home and baby girl as i have no energy whatsoever! can you guys please share your weekly weight losses with me (its been a long time so ive forgotton!) and what do you recomnd i do as far as dieting goes? I am always really down on this diet and was always up on WW, the problem is.... im getting married on July 1st next summer, and I have 2stone at least to lose before my dress will fit me.... i just dont think this will be enough time? sorry to be so long winded, but maybe if your peeps have nice losses I wont feel like Im missing out so much? VLCD have great rewards, but are super hard to follow x:wave_cry:
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i'm sure you could easily shift 2 stone by next july - healthy losses on WW are between 1 and 2lbs a week, but you often find you lose a few more on your first week. If you are coming off a VLCD then you might gain, but you should talk to LRO, Gemma or MsBlonde - they've all come off VLCDs onto WW and are doing well :) x


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Welcome back *HUGS*

And its bags of time to shift 2 stone ;)


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hey star, good to see you, hope your doing well, i will have a sneaky peak in your diary! im sure you are! xx


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I done cd and found this so hard i love ww,and if you stick to this 100% you can loose between 1lb-2lb a week this is easy done,i reciently started doing ww 100% and lost 6lb first week and 4lb the enxt bweek.
I find ww suits my lifestyle better as i can still go out with the oh and have a meal without going over my points.
Good luck :)


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Congrats on your baby! So cute!

I have just had a baby too (June this year) and I had just under 2 stone to lose. I am on week 12 now and I have lost 18.5lbs. I never lose much more than 2.5lbs in one week (1lb is normal for me) but I have to eat more because of breastfeeding but all bar one TOTM I have lost at least 1lbs every week. First week i lost 5lbs. WW is fantastic and the perfect diet for me. You will have 6 months to lose 2 stone. You can easily lose that and more if you stick to it 100%.

Come and join us :) Goodluck!

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Hi there, and how good are you getting back into the swing of things so soon after your baby - good on you!

I was on W8 and switched to WW 2 weeks ago - (2.5lbs and 0.5lbs lost)

I did find W8 quite easy and its meant that now that I have 18 points to spend, I am struggling with all that food. Yesterday I was snacking just to use up points.

With 26 weeks to go to your wedding, you are looking at just over 1lb per week. This is very do-able if you stick to the plan I would say - and as Gem says, much easier to stick with than a vlcd (well if you want to have a life as well)

Good luck and let us know what you decide

LRO xx