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i love minimins me :)
hey everyone

am stacey, 19 and a student at sunderland university, I tried lighter life last year and gave up after week 1, due to friends pressuring me etc, i have decided i need to loose once and for all cos i have put more weight on since the last attempt, I have decided to do the cambridge diet this time due to money tbh, apart from the councilin is there anything different, I know you get 3 packs instead of 4 and there is more choice, but do ya stll get books and things like that on this diet, or do you jus get packs etc, the clc is gonna ring me tonight to sort out my induction

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hiya, i started cambridge diet this mornin! im 18 n stil at college but not for much longer! I'v been trying diets where you jus cut down on calories n exercise more but i think its gota be harder to be able to eat but stil have enough self control to stop. and i know EXACTLY what you mean with the friends thing, all weekend my friends have been trying to get me out drinking, but im determind to lose weight before my holiday.​


All the luck in the world​



Have a serene day!!
Go Girls, this is for you not for friends, if they were they would support you more.

My family were 'Oh I don't know' and I have to be one of the biggest sceptics around, as MD will vouch. When she lost the weight I was worried for her but 12months on and she still looks blinking great, and it is the best days work I ever did starting CD, I haven't been this weight since 1990, not long after both of you were probably born.

So go for it! and you will always have support from others on here.

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Hi Stacey,

I did LL for a week then switched to CD as thought the counsellor was robbing me blind- (didnt feel that it was worth £66 for a dvd and a chat!). The key difference between the 2 is the price- obviously. You don't get given resources each week like with LL- however, you get 2 books: one is a starting off leaflet type book which explains all you need to know, and the other is a yellow one which details all the steps, from SSing right through the plans until you are eating a normal amount of calories.

I personally also prefer CD as you have an add a meal week, which I have found prevents my abstinence from food becoming obsessive. It breaks the cycle of not eating, and I have had an excellent loss so far on the week. My family were worried that if I didn't eat for 100 days (LL) I might not want to eat when I finish the plan and develop an eating disorder, so they were much more supportive about Cambridge. I have found my friends are the same as well- much happier knowing I'm only going without for 3 weeks rather than 3 months!!

Hope this helps hun


i love minimins me :)
thanks everyone :)

am glad am not the only one with the friends issue lol, am determined to proove them all wrong and be slimmer therefore happier by the summer, zoe i know what u mean about 'ordinary' diets i find it too difficult cos i think i will have these extra few calories and then cut down later but it dosent happen

am quite excited although so scared about starting

am soo glad i found this site tho, it could save me the £33 a week difference between ll and cd :)

does anyone suggest any questions i shud ask cdc or anything

:wavey: :wavey: :wavey: hey stacey...im a student in dundee and i know exactly what you mean! although i was lucky when i started my flatmate had already been on the diet for several months and had reached her target weight...it was great for the firt month or so then the friends trouble came in...you get the birthday nights out and all that n then the pressure to go out like you used too...i was going crazy :silly: so ofcourse i went out a couple of times! and its horrible when all your friends go for lunch in between classes and your like "oo well i cnt reali eat so im off to do something else!" if your nosey like me i always feel like im missing out but i have learnt to go with them n sit n suck on my choccie tetra (yummy btw) ... its so hard jumpin back on the wagon so the only advice i will give you is DONT jump off it! hehe
when is your first cdc session? when i seen my for the first time i didnt even have ne questions ... i had already been well informed by my flatmate!! make sure you get all the details and the dos and donts!thats all i would say!!
Welcome to the world of water!!!hehe :hug99: this place is great too everyone reali positive and they are a great help!! and they know wen to kick you up the rear when ya need it!!
Let us know how you get on!!!!!
love lynz xx :D :D :D


i love minimins me :)
hey lynz, nice to meet you :)

she is going to ring me tonight to see wen we can meet up, will he give me the packs that day or tell me to come back, i really really wanna start on monday if possible :) even tho i have chosen the hardest time cos as of monay am off uni and work for 2 weeks for easter, so gonna have to find something to keep me busy lol

I think i ideally need to loose 70lb thats gonna take me forever lol

i need to lose about 50 lbs and my CDC said in the next 6 weeks ill have definitly lost 28lbs of it!

well chuffed with that! lol.

so with a bit of luck and a LOT of hard work, by the summer we'll both be well up for bikinis in public! lol. i cant wait, iv never been that confident before ha ha :)



i love minimins me :)
wow 28lb :D thats fab, i think am goin to extreme and wanting to loose so am skinny and then its all over in one go and then jus have to keep the weight off but i think i might stop at 56lb :)

ooooo am excited lol

yeah if you tell her you start straight away it should be fine like!! theres no time like the present and if your starting at a hard time at least it can only get easier! and i know how you feel im goin home on monday bk to good ol n.i to visit the family (with the bf god help him) and i know i aint gona b able to stick to it! not that my mother will be trying to feed me up cus shes the most supportive of everyone (kinda funny seein as she barely knows wat im doin - and tells me off down the fone if iv been bad!!!) so seein as iv been havin a off and on the wagon few weeks i am gona just get the visitin over with then get back on the wagon!!! and nail myself to it!!
it wont take forever!! in my first week i lost something like 9lbs thats over half a stone!! and if you stick at it youl have good losses and evenif the losses slow down (cus they tend to do that occassionaly) and you only loose a couple of pounds a week its still coming off! as i say to my cdc wen i have small losses...1 pound is waay better than no pound!! lol
another piece of advice...try not to do wat i did the night b4 i started - binge!! i binged somethin shockin had a takeaway n ate waay too many sweets ...no wonder i was able to stick to it in the next few weeks id totally sickened myself!!! but it took me a little longer to get into ketosis!
xxx :D:D:D
stacey and mypartyiz....i will be definatley joinin ya in the summer in the bikini!!! iv never been able to wear one (i mean ever like not even when i was 12yrs old) without my big belly hangin over!! and stickin out!! but no more - it will be gone and i will run down a beach somewhere like smeone on baywatch (though knowin me ill fall over halfway down the beach and flash all my "special" areas to the world then go die of embarrasment - though maybe by summer it can be a nudist beach lol ..... NAH dont fink so hehe :) )
lol excitin thought tho ay, being able to happily walk around in a bikini n WANT people to look at you. very odd thought but VERY possible lol. and i say, the sooner the better! ha ha.

my best friend is like, 5 foot 4 and she weighs about 7 and a half stone n whinges about being fat and although i love her 2 bits n shes a great friend, it does my head in. lol.

but i dont ever want to be like, stick thin, jus slim so i feel good and look good....well, look bloody brillant! haha.

he he he



i love minimins me :)
hahhaha i madete mistake of that last time with lighterlife lol, and on the day i decided i cudnt do it anymore,i ate everythin in sight then was ill for days lol

i am much more determined this time, and i also know whats in store, plus its my birthday in june and i dont want another size 16/18 outfit i wanna buy something cos its nice not jus cos it will cover the fat if tht makes sence

how many weeks have u ben doing it now and how have u found it

this messageboard is going to be my lifesaver lol



i love minimins me :)
yea, my mates all wanna go on holiday and i know at the min i wont be able to, cos my holiday would be wrecked by me comparing myself to them etc but i will get into a bikini and feel good :)

aw i know what you mean - is it mean for me to say that i love the fact that my skinny friends put on weight when they came to uni lol im such a bad friend but i cnt deny it....when they winge about bein fat im like "O GOOD GOD THERE IS NOTHING TO YOU U SKINNY FATLESS ALL BONE PERSON" im not a crazy person i just like to get the point across...lol ooo and my flatmate i mean the girl is a size 10 and some of that stuff is fallin off her she got a major flat belly and is basically the perfect shape ... then she decides she wants to go on a "healthy eatin diet" (that would be a one healthy meal a day diet - not healthy!!!) it drives me crazy how can you not just be happy with yourself when she knows fine rightly that shes just fine the way she is...grrrrr lol
ok started to rant a lil there...obviously it bothers me more than i thought lol

i cnt wait till summer by then i will be small(er) and can go home n be all like yeah im as small you - im not the fat friend whos funny nemore!! im the same size friend whos funny ha! lol

Yeah and none of this stick thin stuff thats just mingin!! i dont EVER want to see my ribs - its freaks me out and it is mingin!! lol

im lucky enough to be going on holiday with my boyfriend this year so i know i wont have 2 worry too much about what i look like, but its stil nice to know you look better then some people! lol, sounds harsh i know but you know as wel as i do that its true! haha.

iv been on it since middle of jan...been havin a rough patch lately a exams and jumped off wagon for my birthday n all but once im back from home next thursday im gettin on and im actually doin it this time!!! the first week was tough i will not deny that...its hard whenever there was lots of food in the kithen and it was driving me mad esp the bread!!! lol but once i got into ketosis and into the swing of things it was good!!
stacey i know how you feel bout the holiday - i went to aiya napa with my m8s b4 i started uni and i was a couple of stone lighter then...i still felt like the heffer floatin beside the mermaids lol i swear i will not feel like that again!!!
This place is a life saver! in times of weaknes come to minimins ... that should be their moto!!!

lol definitly agree wiv u ther on the minginness of pokin out ribs, and back bones, err. lol.

nearly all my friends are size 8 and i know i wont be that small, which makes me happy coz i only wana be a size 10 - 12. plus my boyfriend says if i lose too much he'll have nufin left to cuddle (sweety) lol.

i think the best thing about it is going to be wen i can buy ANYTHING in republic, not jus the biggest stuff thats still too small really but i buy it coz i want it. (bit of a rant ther myself ha)

do ya no what i mean though? some shops only sell the smallest things and its like, what the ?!?!

do they not realise that we'r being called a fat nation and theyre still sellin tiny clothes?!

freaks! lol

i know its crazy... have you ever tried on a size 16 skirt in h&m good god you need to be a size 12 to get into it theres tight as $%&! lol unless they are elasticated ofcourse lol ...i know what you mean but iv managed to get myself into a 14 bottom now (though only from some shops - everywhere is so different and the h n m skirt still dont fit lol)


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