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i just posted in slimming world part but thought i'd say hello to everyone :wave_cry:

as any1 lost weight and toned to a likable body with lots of stretch marks, i found myself getting told i'll never beable lose weight and look good coz amount of stretch marks i have :cry:
i have 'fat' i weight 13st 5 and 5ft 1 .... so 4.5st to lose! im doing excersises every night so dont get too much loose skin ... but every1 i speak to says even though i havnt got loose skin now i have too many stretch marks to tone up :mad:
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Hello and welcome along :)

Just do what is right for you, only time will tell regarding stretch marks. I believe there is an oil out there to prevent and help.

Shouldn't think stretch marks will prevent you toning up, you may just tone up and have feint silvery lines on parts of your body afterwards? Someone with more knowledge of this will hopefully advice you?

Too late for me, I've had 4 kids..and my body gained stretch marks each time :eek:

They do fade though, so don't lose heart! You'll still tone up with or without stretch marks to some degree I would think?

Good luck


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my stretch marks are all silver ... im okay with with them (ish) kinda thing ive learnt to deal with them as there for life LOL...
just i never thought stretch marks would be a problem toning up ( rather have slim figure n stretch marks than what i have, i have nothing to lose) they seem to say that my skins lost elasticity due to them so wont tone up n just be left with tummy full of lose skin :( so im all confused
Whoever told you you couldn't lose weight and look good is talking nonsense (and that's putting it politely)! Anyway some guys actually LIKE stretch marks, they find it 'feminine'. In fact, you can be overweight and look good, it's all about how you portray yourself and how you dress. You and I are the same size and roughly same amount of weight to lose. I'm middle aged (eeeek, there I've said it!:() and I don't think I have any chance of being toned but it won't stop me trying. Good luck with whatever and however you do! You will look gorgeous!;)


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THATS made me feel loads better... to be honest even if i have my little saggy apron after i lost weight, i'll look better with clothes on! LOL... my partners seen them all and loves me for me .. this is for me, im just fed up liking a top and not being able to wear it coz its too fitting.. I was just little worried as when told my friends was going on a 'diet' they said i'l just look like a wrinkly old woman :( (there not thebest supporting friends')

im 25 i have two young children but not having no more, my weight is making me not want to go out with partner as i feel im not good enough to be walking next to him.. he dont see it like that but i do... so its time to change for myself to make me love myself :)
That's the right attitude Gemma :)

I too had reached the stage of not wanting to socialise or meet new people. My husband is slim, so I'm fed up walking next to him..we look like the number 10 (side by side) :8855:

Your stretch marks are also a reminder of when you carried your children..and that was a wonderful achievement, 'wear' them with pride and don't pay too much attention to your friends?? opinion!

Good luck


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hey beautiful! i really recommend bio oil - i use it and i have stretch marks everywhere.. back, shoulders, upper arms, boobs, thighs, bloody hell even on my knees! its brilliant, a bit costly and you do think omg where is this bottle going?! but its just amazing :) i'm the same with my other half, he's ok sleeping with the monstrosity that is my body but i just hate it.. however, bio oil to the rescue, he complimented my legs the other day saying a few dark patches i had between my thighs (my theory is that my fat legs rub together all the time lol) had faded and what had i done to make that happen? *big grin*

good luck honey.. i wanna know how it goes for you.. maybe it'll motivate me to stick to sw and not slip up :) xxx


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i will :) thankyou...

i have some bio oil as it says it helps un even skin tone too ...however i've nevr used it for some reason :( iwill use it from 2nyt :)


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Welcome to the forums Gemma ^^ good luck with Slimming World x all the best! x

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