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Hey all!

I have been on minimins for a while and started off on ww over a year back which really helped me get my weight down when I was at my highest 17st 1lbs. I am now 15st 11lbs and feeling it again.

I need to stop kidding myself when I am eating and looking in the mirror pretending I am not as big as I actually am.

I feel like I have been battling weight since I was 16yrs but don't want to give up, I want to be healthy!!

Recently in June this year, my partner of 4yrs David proposed to me which was a complete shock to me I said yes and now we are getting married 29th June 2013. I need to lose weight for our wedding as don't want to be a fat bride! I ultimately would love to be a size 10/12. It's goiing to take a lot of hard work for this to happen but just now I cannot seem to stop eating junk day in day out and to excess. I have found that I am never hungry these days and can't remember the feeling of being hungry which is a scary thought! Also have been getting really crabbit at david if i can't eat which is so pathetic, it's like an addiction!

So anyways, i feel ww is the way to go for me to kinda ease off the junk food and hopefully get back into the gym again, I haven't been for about a month.

I will probably start a diary on here which hill help me keep track of points and what I am eating and my weight loss.

Sorry for the wee rant! lol i feel so much better now that i got it all off my chest and hopefully the support on minimins keeps me going again! :)

Kirsty xx
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Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Welcome back and congratulations!!!!

I know how you feel with fast food, its my worst enemy! Once i have a bit i cant stop, my OH said to me the other day "you can just say no if you dont want one" and i felt a bit guilty for snapping at him that we'd had a takeaway!

You will get there but its hard to kick the habit! :giggle:
Thanks Shabba for reading my rant of a post! lol it's really great to have someone to talk about these things, it's like therapy! haha :)

I am hoping this is the last time I have to restart. Our engagement party is on 2nd April next year so that is another target to look to. It is so hard just now as David is now working shifts so can't get into a routine at all! He is on nightshift just now so affects my sleep pattern as well. I was up all last night until he got in at 6.30am I think I had about an hourse sleep. So slept til about 3pm today and still not had anything to eat yet...

Looks like you are doing amazing on WW! Have you lost all that on ww this year? You are getting really close to your goal weight :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
:giggle: sometimes when people rant i think "how did you get in my mind?" :giggle:

You will adjust to "a" sleep pattern at some point, im in one, i sleep well on weds-sat night then awfully sun-tues LOL

Yes and thank you! I started WW on Jan 11th and have had my fair share of ups and downs. It doesnt bother me too much because i enjoyed the moments when i went up and im proud of the moments i got it down :D
Good luck with your weightloss honey!! you've done amazing already :D


And Again...........
Congrats Kirsty!! :) Now you have a date you can focus on, you can do it! you have lost 2 stone allready! :) keep us updated with your diary, and with all the wedding plan stuff! I got married in may, and loved the planning, making my invites and favours and researching online!!

Ooooohh! Congrats!!! :D with your motivation and the help of the minimins gang you will be looking even more fabulous by April 2nd hunni have to say you don't look 15st + in your piccie hun good luck and hope you enjoy the WW journey once again hehe :) xxx
Hey everyone! Thanks for your comments really all so kind!
Well first day on weight watchers and already messed up. Basically slept all day and david is on nightshift. We had nothing in so he just quickly went out and got us a mcdonalds! :( This is not a good start lol oh well it's the only thing iv had to eat today, now I am feeling a bit hungry but not going to eat as I know it's far too late. I will have to pull back on the points tomorrow. If only I had juice instead of a large strawberry milkshake and I would not have went over my points allowance.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Diet coke is a must at maccy's. I usually have their salad with ceasar dressing. If im feeling wild i go for the mcchicken sandwich and if i blow out i have a big mac, large fries, large coke & 2 double cheeseburgers.

there are options out there so dont beat youself up about it :D
I always have happy meal with chicken nuggets! :D ... well did on WW anyway 6 points ohhh year :p their chicken mayo's are only 4.5/5 points also and yummy as you get proper mayo haha dont worry hun like you say only thing you had today and at least your remembering the WW ways of just pulling back points from next days allowance! :) xxx
STS this week, I am 15st 11lbs still. Weighed in this morning so need to do better this week! No more mcdonalds! lol xx
Hey hun

must be difficult with your OH on shifts!! I'm off work at the mo and keep sleeping in so i often miss breakfast... xx

Did you say your party is next year.. its got 2010 on your signature..x x x
Oh yeh, oops it's next year 2011. Will fix that just now. Yeah I'm at college Tuesday, Wed and Thu and hating David working shifts as we both used to work 9-5 monday to friday so everything is completely out of sink at the moment we never have a routine....

Well done on the 5lbs loss! :) xx
5lbs is an amazing loss for your first week! I really need to get back to the gym though but im scared. Have started to look for dresses as inspiration for our engagement party hopefully that will help me stay focused


Green tea advocate!!
Hey all!

I have been on minimins for a while and started off on ww over a year back which really helped me get my weight down when I was at my highest 17st 1lbs. I am now 15st 11lbs and feeling it again.

Kirst!!! I missed yoooouuu!! :) How the devil are you hun?? xx
Yeah.. it can be a bit daunting going the gym when you haven't been for a while. I need to get my arse back on the wii... we dont have wii fit but EA Active sports.. i'm just been lazy tbh x
Aw Bex!! So excited to hear from you lol I was just checking out your profile cos missed ya. I'm fine thank you, at college now it's going great. Put on like all the weight I lost for my hols but hey ho I'm back to it now, well kinda! lol Need to lose some for engagement party next year. Hows u honey? xx


Green tea advocate!!
Ahh it's great to see you back on here!! :D

I too am re-starting!! Put about 5 lbs on over the past 3 months and decided enough is enough, started back on the plan properly today (scarily enough! lol).

I need someone around to keep me motivated :D

Its so nice that everythings all official with you and David - have you booked everything up yet? How are you hun? Its been wayyy too long!! xx
I defo need someone to keep me motivated I've been trying to do it again for ages and just can't get back into it. 5lbs isn't too bad at least you've not put it all back on like me!! lol

trying to not let it get to me it's so hard i put on about a stone on holiday and then when we got back just gave up completely and went back to my old ways. never mind we can do it!!!

yeah the weddings booked for 29 June 2013 the venue do like 75% of the wedding so next year will start to plan photographer etc.

hows things with you? Are you doing weight watchers? we should start a Bex and Kirst food diary lol xx

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