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I'm new here...just wanted to say hi everyone. I'm Vikki.
I need to lose about 6 stone on top of what I've already lost. So looks like I'm here for the long hall!!

I'm being so lazy today, got so much housework before the hubby gets home from work I just can't get motivated.

Hows everyone elses day going?
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Thanks Snuggle69. Wow congratulations on your weightloss. How have you done it??
First big lump around 8 stone was by 1000 calories a day....which now I wouldnt recommend to anyone the remainder on slimming world which I wish I had the courage to join right at the beginning x


This is a great place to be. Motivation abounds.
hi vikki u will get a lot of help and support on here there r a lot of inspirational people on here that have done so well losing their weight as u can see by snuggle69 (well done u ) good luck on ur weight loss journey :)
Thanks Sue

I need all the motivation I can get at the moment, after just coming back from holiday, I've lost it a little.

Hope I can do as well as all of you
Thanks Val.

I know, everyone is doing so well. If I can do half as well I'll be happy :D
Hello Vix,

I'm new too i'm on day 3 at the minute i wanna lose about 4 stone if i'm lucky but i'm giving me a target of 2 stone for the time being.
I used to be 11 stone back in 2004 and i showed someone some pics of me last week from back then and they where amazed i was the same person. I think that kind of hit home on how much i've just let myself go eating rubbish and drinking.
So yes i'm hoping to lose the 2 stone by this time next year as my boyfriends sister is getting married and she and all her friends are stunning so i really dnt wanna be a fat brothers girlfriend.

GOOD LUCK chick anyway, i'm just finding it hard get my head around it all like all the syns and stuff. I can only get in the meetings from the 15th Nov so i'm on my own till then. (I'm getting the meetings paid for by the council i'm actually shocked they aint stopped it way they r stopping all sorts) x x
Good luck Shelly Star, I found it complicated at first, I just stuck to free and superfree foods and the only syns I had was 1 kit kat per day. I lost 7.5lbs in my first week doing that. (My a and b choices were always 250ml semi skimmed milk and 2x weetabix).

Now I plan my weeks menu so mix up my A and B choices depending on what I'm having like some days I'll use the cheese instead on a jacket potato, Variety is the spice of life, if I have the same things all the time I get bored and give up easier.

Good luck to you too. I'm sure you're doing fine :D
It was the A and B choices that have thrown me a little bit if i'm honest. So u can only pick one of each?? Or can you pick 2?
I know i am sitting doing my meals for the next week too now i need to as i work shifts and i basically work in a house so i have easy access to like everything. So i need to take my own food work with me as i think that's where i slip big time.

U did really well in ur first week, when i first did WW i was same i lost a 1/2 stone but i hated WW it was so annoying measuring every little thing u had to eat haha x x
thats why i alway fail with ww eventually its not practical for me to be weighing everything all the time. At least with this you only have to weigh/measure syns and your healthy extra (A & B). :D

Yeah its only 1 A and 1 B Choice per day, I just pick 2 or 3 of each that I like and swap them around each day.

I have a bottle that holds 250ml of milk so on the day when I use that as my A choice I make sure I finish the bottle. I also weigh about 4 portions of reduced fat cheese (42g) grate it seperately and put each portion in seperate sandwich bags then its handy to put on jacket potatoes or toast etc on another day. (the only A choices I use are milk, reduced fat cheese and baby bell if I'm in a rush and got nothing planned that needs any As. The only b choices I use are asdas own wholemeal pitta, 2 slices of 400g wholemeal bread, hi fi bar or 2x weetabix. It just makes it easy for me to plan my meals. I will probably use more of a variety the more I get used to the plan but its the way thats helped me get my head around it so far.

Hope this helps and makes sense.
Yeh that's brilliant thank you, i was starting to think i was doing it wrong, and i've been sat all afternoon with SW surrounding me hahaha was trying get my head round it.
But i never knew it was 70 syns per week i thought u could have 5-15 each day and that was that, i started to panic but im ok i used 11 on my first day then 6 yday and 5 today so i'm well within target haha.

When is ur first weigh in day?
It won't be my first weigh in its about weigh in no 11 and its on tuesday. I've been doing it since the end of july but had a few holidays so not lot a big amount yet.

When is your weigh in day?

I didn't know it was 70 syns a week I thought it was 5 - 15 per day too. Where did you see that? Maybe thats where I'm going wrong then, I don't really go over 6 or 8 a day but still some weeks I probably go over it. :S
I won't be going a meetin till 15th Nov, i'm doing this 'look great feel great' with my council and it gives u 12 weeks free meetings to sw. My friend told me about it as i was always gonna do it alone due to my job it would be hard stick to one day like. So i'm doing Mondays and i'm yet find out what will happen when im working, i'm guessing i'll be aloud to go another one on other days haha.

Anyway i've took it upon myself just to make Monday my day to get on them scales!
I found it on ere Slimming World - Review - Sliimming World - The Only Diet For Me!

dnt know how true it is like, but i'm sure i've seen in on this forum somewhere. LOL touchwood someone will see our convo and tell us the right amount x x
lets hope so, I'm going to ask my consultant on Tuesday I think.
I'd love to be able to get 12 free weeks. Good luck for this monday then chick. What have you had tonight?
Yeh would you let me know what they say please?
I had a tooth out yday and my mouth is still pretty sore so i've had like egg for my dinner and i made potatoe cakes for my tea but i did not really fancy them. Kind of off food coz it's hard chew, i never expected it still be hurting, 1st tooth out haha x x
Oh not nice I hope it heals soon for you, although something to stop me eating much for a few days would be good. I've just had 2 curly wurlys, I'm so mad at myself as I'd already had a few syns during the day.
I looked at curly wurlys in the shop the other day i heard they had low syn value is that true. U know what i saw in ASDA b4 i loved them i got them once on the way home from holiday at airport they where choc covered oreos like milk choc like a shell then the oreo was inside omg i was so proud of myself not buying them but i aint stopped thinking about them since hahaha. Thou there is a oreo cheesecake u can make on ere somewhere. Now that's me being sad haha x x
lol I love the feeling when you walk away from something you would have had in a second before, I hate the cravings afterwards though lol. I rarely crave anything bad these days as I do allow myself the odd choccy within my syns (curly wurly is 6 syns for a standard bar) Feeling really low with that time of the month today so it kinda just happened. I guess you do have off days hey.

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