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Hhhheeeellllpppp, I have lost my motivation

I am so gutted with myself. I am getting married in just under four and a half months. I wanted to lose my weight for my wedding day. I had a bad time over easter eating chocolate. I just keep picking at things. I want to get back on the diet as when I first started cd. I just do not know how to get motivated again. I know my wedding day should make me do it, I just do not know what is wrong with me. I am really letting myself down.
Please, please if anyone has got any advice to help me I would really be grateful. Thankyou everyone xxx
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Hi, don't beat yourself up.
If you want to lose the weight, think about whether you want some chocolate now or whether you'd rather be slimmer? Why not have some chocolate when you've finished dieting. Think of yourself in your wedding dress, slim and gorgeous and having a bit of wedding cake.
Drink lots of fresh water to fill you up and clear your body. Stick to your 3 packs a day.
Look at the inspitational pics on here and imagine what you'll look like.
Good luck


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I have read many posts like yours and they all seem to say how hard it is once you start to pick .So I hope my advise is of some use but just know that whatever you do dont give up xx
My thoughts on this if ever I fall is get things like celery green veg chicken maybe fat free yoghurt if it has to be sweet things that arnt going to hinder your chances too much and start off allowing yourself a set amount through the day and maybe 4 CD PACKS then when you are settled a bit take away some of it and slowly bring yourself down to what you should be having .

I do know that beating yourself up just makes you feel bad and eat more so allowing yourself to eat some things should help with the guilt eating hope Ive helped a little .

Please keep posting we are all on this journey with you and are willing you on ,It gives us hope when another person suceeds we can all do this with each others suport . good luck mandy
Hi Can't wait to be, I'm sorry you're stuggling so much.
Do you think it could be because you're starting to feel more confident in how you look now you've lost weight? When I was at my largest (18st 7) I was so depressed with my weight that after losing 3 stone due to how down I was feeling, I felt so much better about myself. I weighed 15st 7 but compared to how big I was I felt quite good. I've really had to push myself since then to realise that I desperately want to be a size 12. Motivation is the key - just keep thinking until you find your own reason to get back in the mindset!

Please keep going, you're doing so well, with a beautiful wedding not long away.
Thankyou ladies for your replies. So far today I have been glugging water and had two shakes. I am going to try not to pick.
You have all done really really well, I am going to come on here more as I feel it will help me get motivated again when you read other peoples stories and how well they have done.
Chelle, I think you are right, I really want to lose the rest of my weight but people comment on how much I have lost. Before I started cd I already lost nearly 4 stone and I put about a stone back on a few weeks at xmas. Before I started losing weight I weighed 18st 12lb. I am now 13st 13lb. I keep thinking I am so close to acheiving my goal and I cant believe I am mucking about now with sticking to cd.
You are all doing really well, take care and thankyou xxxx
Hi ICWTBS ok i'm same weight as you and have my best friends wedding on the 08/8/08 this year so 1 day before yours, lets get this weight off for your big day, I didnt do it for mine (well lost some but not all) and I really really wish I did now wish i'd heard of this diet 3 years ago, so come on lets get some weight off and you are gonna look flipping gorgeous on your big day, i think even if its comes of slowly from now till then you'll still be more pleased with that than stopping now and maybe putting a bit on
Thanks for you reply Tinsel, How have you been finding cd. The first few weeks I was fine. We have both got goals for august so we will both lose our weight, and you will look gorgeous for your friends wedding. I worked out if I lost 2lb a week I should be at my goal weight by the wedding. What weight do you want to get down too?
I am not sure if it is right but I have been told that I should be 11 and a half stone. I am 5ft 7 inch tall. Anyway hun we will keep track on how much we lose and we will get there take care xx

Fuzzys Angel

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The biggest motivation can only come from you hun, we can all say do this or do that, look how well you have done so far, think about how great you will look on your wedding day & so on.

I hope i don't sound harse but all i'm trying to say is look into your heart, do you really desire this enough? Yes?! That's where your motivation comes from babe..

Good luck.....xxxx
Hi fuzzys angel, you are totally right. It is only me who can achieve the goal. I really do want to lose the weight more than anything but I have just had a bad patch but I did not eat yesterday I only had 3 shakes and I am going to do it now. I can only do my best as all of us can. You have done really well with your weight loss, well done you hun xxxx