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Hi, 7st to lose, no diet plan anymore!

Hi, I was once 28st 1lb, I am now 17st 2lbs just short of 11st lost, and im lost now myself.

I used to do WW old plan at classes when the NHS funded it, but now the plan has changed and so has the NHS and I can no longer afford to go to classes.

I have tried SW but im not very good with no portion control, so I find when I fall off the wagon I eat LOADS of rubbish because I havent trained myself to cut down.

I am not sure what weight loss plan to follow, I am on the NHS website looking at calorie counting right now until I get a better idea of things.

Does anyone know of any good calorie counters online I can use until I hear off my GP (Asked in March to join a help2slim class at the surgery, still waiting ugh) and get some of this stubburn weight off.

I need to lose weight as I need surgery on my baby works, as we have been trying for a baby for 5yrs with no luck, I have PCOS and had a operation april 2009 to remove a 20cm dangerous cyst off my right ovary, both tubes are damaged but they want to operate to see if anything can be done before IVF route is taken.

So as you can see I really MITT :D
This is soo important to me.

I have recently moved to a new area too, and have no friends so find it very hard :(

Hubby is stick thin so that doesnt help, and he has his own health issues to worry about so im on my own here.

Sam x
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Good for you, great reasons to keep on going and fantastic achievement to have lost 11 stone! At least you know you can do it!

I'm a great fan of cal counting - it works. It's a bit fiddly because you need to weigh your food carefully (digital scales are an essential) but the good thing is you can factor in a treat here and there without any guilt. Count it in and you needn't go over your daily/weekly limit.

Lots of online help about - weight loss resources is good or even the basic NHS site.

Good luck with rest of your journey, you certainly deserve to get there.
wow well done on your 11st loss, absolutely brilliant and very inspiring :)

Fantastic goals to set, I wish you lots of luck in reaching where you want to be and achieving what you want in life.

Ask again at your Gp's for help. Does your surgery have a practise Nurse? I have just started attending mine on a weekly basis for advice and weigh ins. Perhaps you could arrange an appointment with yours and ask if you could do the same.

I noticed your other thread for friends in your area. I hope someone replies who lives near you. I live on an island in Scotland, so not close enough to meet up! but I do understand about low self esteem and confidence issues, all caused by weight in my case. I decline invites to parties and functions, I won't go to a gym or slimming class etc...but maybe one day! :)

I go out walking by myself for exercise and have an exercise bike..because IMTT ;)

Please feel free to pm me if you ever want a chat. You will get lots of support on here and everyone is so friendly, you will soon have a network of cyber friends. Stay strong and stay focused, you will be an inspiration to so many, including me...keep posting!

Have a good day :)
Hi thanks for that rainbow, I am just the same.
I have been asking since March for help in my new area for weight loss at my gp surgery and they are no help, just keep saying they will contact me when they have a free slot to see me. 9 weeks later!!

I am just following a version of slimming world right now to keep my weight down until they can be assed to help me!!

I dont know how to PM people on here etc, are you on fb?
Aww what a shame, your GP is not more supportive at the moment. I hope you do get into some sort of scheme that can monitor you and support you along the way.
In the meantime, we are all here to help and advice you, so don't worry!

I am not on fb, but I have just pm'd you on here! :)

How are you feeling today?


Not such a fat kat now :)
I use 2 online calorie counters - www.bootsdiets.com which I pay for and doesn't coat that much. Also www.myfitnesspal.com is also good but free. Both of them you type in the food and it adds it all up for you.
Good luck

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