Hi, a bit of advise for a newbie, pleassssse


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Hi all, i'm annie. decided to join this for support/advise and to have someone who knows what its like to be over weight :cry:

I'm in serious need of loosing a lot of weight, booo! no alcohol (well small doses lol), no fatty food/convience food and guna try to stop the fags......is there life at the end??!! :D I'm thinking yeah - so suck it up annie! lol

i'm planning on heathly eating, excericise at mo as there is so many diets out there!! but having read some of your lovely post i think its a life choice as apposed to a quick fix i need!

I make my own soup already and love it!! so going to take it to the next level, home-made sauces etc and try to cut out the processed crap. :flirt2:

i would love any advice or idea's you have for recipes as i'm guna soon get bored of pasta with tom veg sauce lol.

what kind of diets/changes have you made to help you loose weight, any feedback/info is great!!!

happy new year everyone!!!! :D
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Hi Annie, no advice as I am in the same boat as you - about to start out and looking for ideas and inspiration. I will be following this thread with interest.


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Hi Annie and Sue,

Have a look round at the different diets people are doing on this site. One thing you do find out is that different things work for different people. Some people like to eat 'real food' - I'm one of them, but others opt for meal replacements. I suppose it's all a matter of finding out whats best for you.

I do the soup thing myself, I call it 'free veg soup' as I can eat as much as I like on my diet. Once you're set on what you're gona do there's lots of people on here who'll help you. Good Luck



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hello annie and sue,
I have tried them all in the past and the one that works for me is slimming world, you can eat such a variety, and it works, in the sw section there are lots of ideas and plans for what to eat, i really think it is finding the right plan for you,
if you need any help then all the members here are always full of ideas x
good luck and i wish you all the best in 2010 xx