hi again everyone


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well what can i say! i think you all can guest why i havent been here for quite a while! :eek:

but i am back and need some motivation.....i cant kick off the carbs :(

i actually nearly fainted when i got home today and it was very scarey, i had cereal for breakfast and fruit and yoghurt for lunch does anyone know why i felt like this :(
Sorry you were not feeling well. I have no clue as to why. Someone will be along shortly hopefully with some answers.

Glad you are back.
Hi Louisa
Not sure why you felt like that (there could be a multitude of reasons) but it's great to see you back.

I've also been struggling recently but am back on track for now. The important thing is that we're still fighting the fight :)

Nice to see you again, Louisa!

I don't know why you felt faint - perhaps if it happens again you should check it out with your GP?

Louisa I was wondering where you had gone you started so well. On the feeling faint side the only thing I can think is you were just too low on calories.
Thing with cd is you can get away with the low cals because it is balanced with all the right vitamins and minerals which gives you a boost.
But what you had isn't supplying you with your needs.
get back on girl and go for it I know you can do it.
Hi Louisa - welcome back !

wondered where you'd got to ;)

hope ur feeling better....