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Hi all CD'ers


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all cd'ers - I'm starting CD this friday and i really cant wait, i go to see my CDC on thursday so will start on friday, i'm a little worried about what flavours to pick as i'm abit fussy. I only like vanilla Slim fast but CD has so many flavours to chose i hope there is a few i like. I have been doing Slim Fast since january and my losses seem slow. As time is going on i'm finding it harder to deal with food in the evenings so i thought that if i do CD food will be totally out the equation for now whilst i get to grips with losing some serious lbs.

I'm doing this for many reasons and one big reason is my health, i'm 30 years old and i'm suffering from high blood pressure, i spend so much time worrying about the long term effects of this. i also have 3 children so i want to do it for them and also my oh who suffers from my mood swings and lack of confidence, so i really need this to work.

I have about 8 stone to lose but would be happy with losing 6 this year, i so hope it is manageable, i said at xmas dinner 2008 that by xmas 2009 i want to be a different woman. I don't want to have to eat my words !!!

I'm wondering how much prep you guys did before starting CD ss ? My CDC asked me to reduce carbs and stick to a low cal diet which i am on when being good on Slim Fast, but am finding that hard come dinner time. so will this effect me during my first week ?

Also to all those CD'ers that manage on this diet whilst having to feed a family and having kids around with food, how do you cope ? I have started to get really angry with people in my house who do not scrape their dinner plate once finished as i know that this could cause a problem for me but how do i get the family to understand how important it is that they do little things like this to help me ? I have spent a good few months weighing up the pros and cons of doing CD and i really feel like its my only option as i'm one of those who needs good results and fast-ish, i just hope that the family can support me on those hard days.

P.S love this site and all the support, i wouldn't have stuck to SF for as long as i did if it wasn't for the lady's on the SF section so thankyou to them.

Thankyou in advance xx
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hello - welcome to CD - i am only on first week so cant really give much advice im afraid, but i do have to say this website has been a great help, reading every ones success stories etc. they are all very supportive of each other and of newbies like me.
choc mint is my fave flavour i have it hot mmm just like options hot chocolate.

I have a 4 year old daughter who when i cook for never eats all the food i made so i squirt washing up liquid on the plate while its still on the table - that way i know i definitely wont eat it haha. heard that somewhere ages ago but cant remember where but seems to work for me.

anyhoo good luck with CD i'm sure you will do very well xxxx


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welcome to CD Sass, i am sure yor find lots of flavours your love,
i like the vanilla and add decaf coffee and ice in very nice, the choc i like it hot lol ! but i mainly stick to ready made shakes and bars now,

Yes reducing your carbs and upping your water will help when on CD, i think as slimfast has lots of sugar and carbs in it i am not supprised your finding it hard to cut the carbs but your on the right path now to be a new woman by xmas 2009 !!!

you have done so so well on slim fast but this diet rocks i am sure after you see the losses you can have on cd you won't look back

this board is such a big support to all of us i am sure your find it a great place to be !
well done on taking the best step to change your life i know i am bias but i really think cd is life changing !!



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Lisa - Love the washing up liquid idea, i will try that :) great tip !!! Good luck with your first week hun, when do you have your first weigh in ?

wannabesize10 - I think i will have to try that vanilla with coffee, sounds yummy yummy !!

When choosing my flavours for the first week i think i will try as many different ones as possible but what happens if i don't like one i will run short for the week or should i buy a few over what i need for the week ?


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Hi Sass, Welcome to cd. I'm in my 5th week now and I'm finding the results fantastic. Like you say it's easier to cut the food option completely from the equation when you are finding food an issue and it really does make the whole process easier.

I didn't reduce my carbs before I started and I have never felt hungry whilst on it, the odd tummy growl but not hunger. You will soon realise what is just habbit and not hunger.

I have a family to cook for too and all I do is dish up their dinner and then sit and have either one of the soups, shakes or my bar (you can't have bars until the 3rd week though hun). If I am finding it hard then I either come on here or find something else to keep me busy. To be honest though I really felt ok cooking and kind of found it theraputic, like I wasn't missing out-weird I know lol. I think you will find it easier on cd than slim fast as you arn't having any food which for me would be like giving me a little taster-I would want more so find the whole no food thing so much easier.

Try all the flavours as every ones tastes are different and you will soon find your favs. Good luck. Zoe xx


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Hey Sass,
Just wanted to say welcome.. and good luck on your cd journey.. You have done really well on sf so far so I am sure you will have a great success with cd......
I have 2 little boys so I can understand the way you feel about cooking etc, I used to make a little bit more when I cooked for my boys so I knew I could then have some too.. terrible habbit. Now I make them the right amount and as soon as they finish put it straight in the bin..

CD really is a fantastic diet and if you stick with it you see fab results I have been on it 16 weeks and have lost over 4 stones.. I love it..

Good luck and have a great week ahead xx


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Hi Sass. I am on day 4 but I am already loving it. Dont worry about preparing - you have already done a lot more than I did! I had a huge carb-tastic 'last supper'before I started and I have had no ill effects as yet. Feel fine and not hungry at all which is very strange for me!
I was unsure about the flavours, so I got 1 pack of those I wasn't sure about, and stocked up the rest with safe options, like choc! You will find lots of ideas on how to vary the shakes, such as having them hot, over ice, with coffee, mixing sachets. I have been surprised and have enjoyed all the flavours. Not trying soups yet though - not sure about them! I also split mine in half, and have 6 drinks.
Hoping you have a good 1st week! x
S: 15st6lb C: 14st12lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st8lb(3.7%)
hi sass - my first weigh is on thursday - 3 days to go - so excited yet nervous at the same time. xxx


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Zoe.D -
To be honest though I really felt ok cooking and kind of found it theraputic, like I wasn't missing out-weird I know lol.
well done you, that's amazing, i'm hoping to adopt the view that my not eating with everyone else is purely in my good interest and that once i have this part of my life under control i can re introduce foods and enjoy them more.

Curlywurly - thankyou for the welcome hun and wow you look amazing such a great loss in 16 weeks.

Leanne - day 4 and no headaches, that's great hope i'm as lucky as you :) I like the sound of the soups but tbh it really seems abit hit and miss as to weather you like them or not, i have read that some people love them but others cant stand then. I want to try the sweet chilli one ( i think it is ) and the chicken and mushroom, hope i like them, would be good to get some savoury foods too.

Lisa -
hi sass - my first weigh is on thursday - 3 days to go - so excited yet nervous at the same time.
you will have a fab wi i'm sure, i know if i was you i would feel the same but with this diet most people have a huge 1st wi loss. wooohooo good luck for your first wi hun xx


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WOW today is the day i get my packs, ready to start tomorrow. Strangely i'm very nervous, did anyone else feel like this before going to see the CDC ? Going to get myself some cross stitch to also keep my mind occupied whilst going through the first few days. I haven't done cross stitch for years so am just as excited about doing that (sado iam ) lol

Bridesmaid Lisa - Good Luck with your WI today, hope you have had a good week, look forward to hearing how things have gone for you :)


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Good luck with your CD start Sass. You have done well with the other plans......I did SF before and CD is sooooooo much easier for me..with CD I just don't get hungry. I cook for my daughter and am careful to cook just the right amounts so there is very little left over. I have a hang up about wasting food and that does sometimes tempt me...I began to ask myself though, am I going to waste £40 worth of CD meals this week on a couple of quids worth of leftovers!!! Best wishes for a great week.

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