Hi all, formally dietwizzard.


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hello everyone!

Just an update as to how im doing.

Hope everyone is ok,

Well i kind of fell off the wagon last week!! even had a takeaway at the weekend, but as of yesterday i am back on SS.

I havn't been back at my CDC since the end of my first week so i dont know what i weigh and there is noooooo way im going to boots to let myself down again arghhh i hate scales lol.

My CDC posted 9 day's of packs out to me but i have suddenly went off chicken and mushroom, chilli, and vegetable soup! So ithink i will have to go and swap those flavours for ones i like.

My water intake is still far from perfect but im working on it!

Good luck to everyone your all such an insparation!!

Hi Tracie,

I'm on week 2 of CD and my water intake is far from perfec too (lol)

Keep at it hun and you'll get there.

Hi jo,


Congrats on making it to week 2! i started nibbling when i got to 2 and a half weeks but it's all under contol now and im on SS.

Good luck and speak to you soon.

Hi Irene yes your right, i just thought i would go with my own name from now on i didnt take to dietwizzard to well LOL.

Hi Tracie,

Formally dietwizzard...this reminds me of something...was it Prince LOL!

Lovely to have you with us and good for you for getting back on the wagon again and not giving up.

This is a great time of year to do a diet as you will have a good bit of weight off in time for Christmas and what a lovely present that is for yourself.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for reply's guy's,

So far today it's been fine no hunger pangs so mabye im in ketosis or very near i dont buy the sticks as personally i think there a waste of money.

I can't belive the amount of money i save on CD! it's amazing usually im skint with buting loads of food and snacks for myself but im only buying for 2 kids and hubby now and using all the food up instead of having so much it goes out of date and ends up in the bin!

hope everyone is doing ok.

Hi Angela, yes going back on SS was so much more difficult this time.

good luck to you too.