hi all im a newbie!


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hi all. I started ww on thursday. not attending a class as there isnt one on the island. but succesfully lost 5 stone with ww when i was 18 so know it works. Unfortunatly last year i got severe depression and gained 4 stone :cry:and obviously the weight gain didnt help my confidence any. Tried CD as done ti before but didnt work. so here i am starting at 16st 10lbs and want my target is 12st. (might be less but get there first!) i am going on a big family holiday in may so would love at least 2 stone off by then. how is everyone else finding their losses?

claire x
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Ive found my losses consistent but small, good luck with youe weight loss and I hope you get to where you want to be! :)


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hey welcome yeh it is do able 2stone in 3months :) at the start is the best after while as iam finding myself it starts to slow down :( but atleast not gaining

Mumma K

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Hello and Welcome good luck with your weight loss


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Hey there, welcome to the minimins weight watchers club. Plent of krack to keep you motivated and supported throughout this new change :)

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Hi and welcome to the forum, the diet is great and make plenty of zero points soup, great for when you are starting off. good luck with your weight loss,


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Hello I'm a newbie too. I am finding the diet pretty good so far. This site is a God send. Best of luck hun x