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Hi all I'm a Newbie

Hi all.

First of all I just wanted to say I think this website is great I have found it so interesting and very helpful. I've been trying to find a good diet plan and I think its going to have to be WW but I need some help and just wondered if anyone can help me.

I use to do WW years ago and I have the calculator they gave us but I checked the one online and I get different results so I don't know which one to use what do you think?

Also I tried I purchased some Morrisons own cream crackers and I tried to work out the points but I can't. All is says on the packet is 36 Calories per cracker, protein 0.8g & Fat 1.2g. I think they are 1 point each but not sure.

Also is sugar free items 0 points still for example diet coke?

The other question is I go to the gym 3 times a week. I see somone kindly put on here how to work out how many extra points you earn so say for example when I work out at the gym I go running, bike and rowing do I get points for each equipment I use I do I just get extra points for the length of time I spent at the gym?

I'm sorry that I'm asking so many questions but at the moment I can't go to my WW classes because it clashes with my line dancing I do.

Anyones help would be much appreciated.

Thanks again for taking the time to read.

Chug :)
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Melba toasts come in little individual packs of 6 inside the big box and are only 1 point for all 6 of them and they are nice with some ham salad or just some marg spread on them ;)


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Morning hun,welcome to ww lovely to have you here,the cal online just round them up so for the best result i would use your own for this.
yes diet drinks are 0 i drink so much of them!
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Hello and welcome. I cant help you with your questions (I am doing core so dont know an awful lot about points) - but good luck with your weight loss!


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hey welcome :) .. The other crackers which are good for points are the rakusons 99% fat free ones which are 6 for 1pt to :) .. lovely with humous or an egg mashed up! mmm think ive just decided my lunch! lol ...
Anyway i just wanted to welcome you onboard and look forward to getting to know you :)


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I think the girls answered most of your questions? I use the melba toast myself because you can have so many of them! Its 1 point for 2 sesamee (sp?) ryvitas either?

When your working out the points in the kcals and the saturated fat you need to put into your calculator. If you get stuck just ask someone on here and youll get the answer!

Best of luck x
Hi all

Thank you Bobwillbethin, Starlight, vodaka999, Gemma1986, shrinkingannie, pixiepiratess, LucyLou, paula 36 for your welcome, good lucks and your advice. I really do appreciate it I think I will now try the melba toast because you can so many lol. I think I worked out my crackers was 1 point each I thought they would be better than bread but it seems 2 pieces of bread is better than 4 crackers.

vodaka999 do you know the make of the melbra toast you was suggesting.

I'm so glad diet coke is 0 points. After I posted my first message I found my 0 points list on my calculator so when I went shopping today I went looking for loads of 0 point items lol. :D

shrinkingannie what is core?

Anyway I will see if I can find my shopping guide if not I may be back to ask some more questions. I will let you know how I get on. I'm starting in on Monday so I have a few days to plan out my diet plan and work out my points if I can't find my shopping guide.

There is two I wanted to ask how many points is scramble eggs using semi skinned milk? also how do I work out pork chops if they don't give me calorie details on the packet?

Thanks all again.

Chug :) :D
Hi and welcome.

You haven't been to WW recently so won't have come across Core. It's an alternative to counting points where you can eat freely from a list of core foods, as long as you stick to three meals a day. You have 21 points a week for non-core foods and you can use these points for snacks between meals. You can also snack on fruit.

I don't do Core as I prefer the variety of eating that comes from counting points.

Your eggs will be 1.5 points each and skimmed milk is 1 point for half a pint. Egg white is 0 points so you can bulk your scramblies out with that if you want to save points.

Pork chops are 5 points for 235g uncooked.

Hope that helps

K x
Hiya chuga!

Well done for joinig weight watchers, nd hope you shed the pounds in no time!
I use asda ones personally at half point each, i only eat 2 anyway so a point wont hurt!
Good luck! xxx

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