hi all im back ...


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hi everyone, as the title says im going back to slim and save as of tomorrow, as you can see from my stats i started with ww pro points and then went onto exante and had brilliant results but ended up trying slim and save mainly to save money, i then decided to try ww again(mainly due to family members thinking i was starving myself!)but doing the filling and healthy version but in the last 2 weeks ive only lost 1lb which i know is still really good considering the time of year and that ive already lost nearly 4 stone i just really need another kick start as i still need to lose another 4 stone to get to goal, i love the shakes but not too keen on the bars, ive just put my order in and asked for a sample of the porridge as they didnt do this last time so it will be a bonus of its nice lol anyway im waffling just wanted to say hello to everyone, im really looking forward to getting into ketosis again just hope it doesnt take too long, thanks for reading and im looking forward to catching up with all of you xx
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Hi, welcome back! It's a bit quiet around here at the moment as people have either taken a break for Xmas or are struggling a little. I fall into the latter category but I'm trying to keep on going until Xmas Eve as I haven't quite hit my Xmas goal and anyway I don't want the break to be too long as it'll be that much longer to put weight on and I still have a bit of a way to go to reach goal.

Are you going to stay on it over Xmas, or try to low carb during that time? I have to admit I'm going to be taking a break on Xmas Eve but still checking my weight and reporting the damage to keep my head in gear.


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hi hun, im going to be cooking the xmas dinner and its going to be so difficult as i know i could quite easily watch everyone eating their dinner while i have a shake as ive done it before on a sunday while they tuck into their roast dinners but my parents and sister and her husband will be here and they dont know i stopped WW as they would have gone mad and said i was starving etc etc so i think ill just have the meat and veg and just push the rest round my plate lol or say i dont fancy it as i cooked it, i dont like lying but i know they wouldnt approve of the diet, if i dont have chocolate ill just say i dont want to put on what ive lost! which i dont lol i can take or leave alcohol so that wont be a problem and after all its only 2 days so im hoping ill be ok.. i really thought part of me would be thinking sod it ill eat what i want and carry on in the new year but im so determined to get to goal this time i really want to carry on, thanks for the welcome back by the wayxxxxx