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hi all....need some advice

I need some advice.

In work the other day, we were taking as women do about periods, ovulation etc and we were discussing wen we were all next due on. I checked the app on my phone that works all mine out for me and to my horror, found out I should have started my bleed 3 days previous!

I am never late, never. But being the silly cow I am, slept with my ex as a moment of madness. I took a test on the day I realised I was 3 days late and it came back negative. Thought that was the end of it till I googled "5 days late and negative pregnancy test" tonight and found out that 5 days late can still be too early to tell and that u r meant to wait for 2 weeks.

I'm having some quite funky pains in my stomach tonight which quite blatantly are not period pains....a woman knows her body afterall!

I am absolutely beside myself with worry at the moment....do I really have to wait 2 weeks? x
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No, you dont. Get one of those early predictor ones, they can tell earlier than you are due on.

False negatives are far more common than false positives, but stress can disrupt your cycle. You can also get a blood test from the GP and that will pick up any pregnancy hormones.

Try not to worry, it could be nothing. Take another test and if that remains negative, and you still dont come on in the next week or so, see your GP.
I'm going to get one today....I've not been stressed though...been the happiest and chilled I have been for a long, long time!

All the funky stomach pains have stopped now...I just feel weird lol

Knowing my luck though, it will start today whilst I'm wearing my outfit (a dress) at this wedding today!


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Your body can lose sych for a number of reasons, including stress, and it sounds like things have been a bit eventful yesterday. Ask the pharmacist which is best and find out for sure. Oh and be prepared for the wedding just in case!
Ive got one of the early detection tests and me and me ex are going to do it when we get in. Must have been nothing on tv in Northwich a month or so ago coz 4 different shops didnt have any!
i found tesco's ones the best for early detection, when we were ttc our daughter i took the test 9 days after ovulation and got the faintest positive ever - but it was there and it was right! They are about £3.75 for two. x
Im pregnant :-\ it said 2-3 weeks. Ive rung the ex tonight and told him to come see me tomorrow coz i did the test alone. I need time to get my head round this...stupud split condom and stupid morning after pill :-\
I hope you both can work something out between you ,are you with your Mum or have you not told her? I hope you're ok ,get some sleep and see what tomorrow feels like xx


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Aw hun, big hugs from me :hug99: I'd try to make an appointment with your GP for as soon as possible to confirm it. The sooner you know for definite (although as MLM said false positives are far less common) the sooner you can decide on a course of action.

If you and your ex would be happy to have a child then it's fabulous news. If not, there are options hun :)

Hope you're feeling better after sleeping.

The fact you had a positive & negative test means you really do need to go to your docs to have it confirmed - especially if you took the morning after pill as well. Whilst false positives are extremely rare they do happen (to me once, which was rather a shock considering i was on the implant at the time)

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