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Hi all, newbie here 10 stone..?

Hi everyone, Im on my 3rd day of the Lighterlife programme and Im really suffering today, with a headache and with a flu like feeling (to be expected).
I hadnt weighed myself for a year as my scales went up to 19stone and when I last stepped on they went over it!I refused to buy anymore scales and really if im honest turned a blind eye to my weight.However I am really wanting to take the kids abroad in september and the LL programme looked like a great plan for me.I had my first weigh in on Thursday and I weighed in at 21stone 2 lbs.If Im honest it didnt come as a shock, I knew I had put weight on as the clothes were getting tighter.I knew that I had to do something as it was really starting to get me down.I would like to know how others decide on how much weight they want or need to loose.
I would like to aim to get to a size 16, being a size 28 that seems a distant dream for me, however im told by my GP that 10 stone is a ideal weight for myself being 5ft 5" !! Do others go on what there ideal weight would be or on how much they would like to be?
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Hi and you are a welcome member of the WeMitts - We Mean It This Time. I also started over 20 st and it wasn't long before i left the 20s behind and so will you. Take it one day at a time and think small steps eg getting to the 20s even 20 st 13 lb sounds so much lighter and 1 st off etc. You can do it

Irene xx
I'm also 5'5" so my ideal healthy weight is the same as yours (in fact i was told that 9 stone would be about right!!) but i'm aiming for 11 stone with a start weight of just over 20 stone. this is flexible cos i might be happy with my size at 12 stone or 13 stone etc...
I want to get to a weight that i'm going to be able to maintain and i also don't want to be "skinny". I'm really looking forward to being slim but until i get there i'm not really gonna know what's right for me. I've picked 11 stone as my target cos it sounds realistic and achievable :)

Gemma x
Hi Gemma, what diet are you on? I find the summer unbearable, I would like to try and loose a few stone by september if I can so I can take my children abroad.I have been overweight since my teens, I cannot imagine myself slimmer.Its a dream to be able to shop in other clothes shops other than Evans.
I soooo know what you mean! I've never been slim, was always a chubby kid, turned into a fat teenager.. I empathise about summers too. I've never been comfortable in clothes that show any flesh, I'd just overheat and would avoid leaving the house.

I'm also doing lighter life so we can support each other along the way :) i'm in my 5th week now, lost 20lbs so far so i cant recommend it enough! I cant wait to be able to walk into topshop and find something that fits me! :bliss:

Gemma x
Topshop what a dream;)
I can only ever remember shopping in Evans, I know they do some lovely clothes, but they can be so expensive.I will look forward to shopping with my two teenage daughters going in to shops that they go in.My dream will being able to fit into a pair of long boots.


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I know what you mean about Evans I want to stand outside the shop with bags and bags from high street stores

I have lost 3 stone in 6 weeks and gone from a 28 (if I was being honest) to a 22, I went to Matalan and got some really nice tops for £4 so ok for work whilst we are losing weight, also Asda do up to size 24 so worth checking the supermarkets out

Cant wait to be able to shop just anywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG that is great weight loss, I am a size 28 and I cannot wait to shop shop shop, I would love to be able to walk into any shop and know that there is at least one thing that will fit me.


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S: 25st0lb C: 22st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 49.7 Loss: 3st0lb(12%)
just wanted to say hi. I am now starting week 9 of Cambridge Diet, very similar to LL and you can see how well it's working! good luck to you, once your past day 4 it's much much easier. I have set 12 stone as my goal which will be BMI 27. I picked that one because my gp thought that would be about right for my build. but it isn't set in stone, we will see how it goes when I get nearer. I would like to be a size 14/16 - after all haven't been that since I was 14 years old. good luck, we will all do this together.
Hi all, been on LL for 5 days now, 1st weigh in on Thurday, cant wait..Havent got any scales in the house to weigh, I threw them out:( when I went over the 19 stone mark.Im feeling 100% better than I was a few days ago, have so much more energy.
Hi There!

I start CD tomorow and I am around 21 stone 7lbs (maybe alittle more after a weeks worth of 'last suppers') i want to get down to about 11 stone. I don't wanna be stick thin, it wouldnt suit my big bones! OH says he wouldn't like me to go down too low either, was 15 stone when I met him and he reckons I looked great. I certainly didn't feel it at the time and didn't dress to make the bestof myself either. I'd love to be that size again, you don't know what you've got til its gone though, do you?

I love this thread by the way, It's great that there is somewhere for us bigger ones to come, imagine, I used to feelout of place at Weight Watchers because most of the members there were only a couple of stone overweight. Thats ridiculous!!!!

x katie
Walked past Topshop the other day and said to myself, someday soon......someday soon.

I looooove oasis, so femine but stylish at the same time and they go up to 20 so that won't be long at all!!!
Hello everybody :)

I'm a happy bunny today, just completed week 5 and have lost another 4lbs to make it 24lbs lost in total, yay me :D Had a really helpful meeting too. Let me know how you're all getting on!!

Ooooh....... OASIS! (never thought i'd shop there but i will!)

Gemma x
Thats great 2 stone in 5 weeks, I cannot wait to go and have my first weigh in and see how much I have lost,Im looking forward to my body changing and I can shop, shop, shop!!

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