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Hi ALL on Calorie Counting Please read

Hi All,:greenapple: first of all this forum is so kool absoulte perfect for motivation. Im new here and just been reading other threads so nice to know we are all going through the same journey.
A litle about Myself i tried LL lost 2 stones got too confident and cocky so started eating and put it all back again thinking its easy peasy i can do it on my own ( yeh right) then tried CD same again i just coulden't do it was harder second time round food always on mind but thought was gonna join CD AGAIN-BUT when i discovered this website i was like :wow::p:D and Calorie Counting is so kool yep i got my notebook and pen out , kitchen scales and the rest lol its such a good way of dieting not leaving food out and i think thats why i failed in the past- im so happy i started monday 27/04/09 My 3rd day and its going so good and relaxed and you can lose the same amount of weight as LL and CD but with food how brill IS THAT! so THANKYOU :thankyou: ALL for WRITING ON calorie counting threads you guys have made it a right choice and path for me which i never knew i could do:happy096::bliss::bliss::talk017:
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glad you are so motivated :)

the good thing about CC is that you can have whatever you want - it just has to be in your amount!

What are you stats? How much do you want to lose? and how many cals are you having each day? If you dont mind me asking :)

Good luck =)


i really don't know life
welcome, and good luck!!

Thankyou Sugasnappea and Rhuba for your welcomez i just went on the ticker weighloss and put my stats up i have nearly 7 stones to lose there i said it 7 LOL


i really don't know life
i'd say breaking it down into mini goals (ie a stone at a time) is really helpful if you have a lot to lose. alos, i'd maybe start off eating a little more than what you are, as you'll have nothing to lower it to! also, it'll make it easier to keep to. (obviously i'm no expert as i only had 2.5 st to lose originally but i think from great advice already received that it's the best way forward.) there are hundreds of weightloss calculators on the internet if you google them. i decided to keep my cals to 1500 per day with 3 lots of 1 hour at the gym per week. that's high enough so that i never feel hungry and if i reach a point where i stop losing weight then i can reduce it by a couple of hundred a day without missing it too much!

anywho, ignore my ramblings, there's a wealth of advice on these forums from people who've been there, done that and got to their goals and stayed there. you're best bet is to read threads and be inspired - there are so many lovely people here who prove that it is possible (obviously not always easy) but definitely possible to achieve your weightloss dreams, and they're all here to give you encouragement and pick you up when you fall off the wagon. so......... good luck with it all - stick around, we're usually here!!

Hi Lu4law welcome to CC!
I would second Rhuba's suggestions both about the mini goals - really important when your main goal is a while off, helps you feel you are achieving something - and about starting too low.
Obviously just my own thoughts but I had 6 and a half stones to lose and I started eating the calories I was meant to be eating (1800) for about 3 weeks, then went down to 1500 for about 6 weeks then finally went to 1200 and now am trying to aim for 1100. But hey whatever works for you but it is easy to lose heart if you make a really drastic change and are hungry all the time.:)
yesterday was a baddd day for me.
I had a small ikea breakfast, then nothing for lunch and then wok to walk ( a bowl of noodles with peanuts and pinapple with light soy sauce ) and THEN some pick a mix at the cinema!
I mean cal wise its ok ... probs had 1300 yesterday, but it was just WHAT I ate that i feel quite crap about.
Today on the menu is fruit and veggies for snacks and breakfast, low cal soup for lunch, chicken salad for dinner.
MUCH better :)


wants to get super fit!
Welcome to our little group!


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Hi lu4law welcome along. i only joined yesterday :sign0144:, and today is day 1 for me. I have a mammoth task ahead (about 9 stone to lose), but I am breaking my goals to stone & dress size milestones. Good luck, and keep us posted :)


wants to get super fit!
That really is the best way and you hit those mini goals quicker than you think! It's a great way to keep motivated.

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