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Hi All!! Returning to CD & V. Determined!

Hello all!!

I joined this forum last year quite by accident... after doing some surfing I stumbled upon Ice Moose's online diary of his weight loss (phenomenal btw Ice Moose!) and had never ever before heard of Cambridge or Lighter Life etc...

I then tried Lighter Life, and lost 13lbs in my first week, which I was well chuffed at!

For a lot of reasons which all seem insignificant and stupid now :doh: I didn't stick with the diet...

And so, like so many, I carried on my non-dieting ways... i'm not a terribly bad eater, I just need to go on a diet to loose all my weight and I do know in myself I can keep it off through diet and exercise, it's just getting that 'push' to get my ass in gear and start the changes...

Well, now's the time! I know I can do this, I've done it before.... But this time I'm doing Cambridge as the flavours are so much nicer and more variety for me personally - I don't like any of the savoury, but like the shakes, also like the idea of 790....

I would however, like any and all support :sign0163:please, as I know I'm going to need gee-ing on as time goes on... I'm doing this diet without the support of my family, plus I'm single so I have no-one really to share this with... not that anyone begrudges me trying, everyone just kinda rolls their eyes and thinks 'not another diet' or they tell me I'm fine as I am - nice and cuddly! :eek:

I've never had problems with being big as such, it's always been 'the norm'... but everyday I've lurked on here (for about 6 months!) and seen the weight change photos and stories, and today it hit me - if I'd been doing the diet, instead of sitting here thinking about doing it, I'd more than be at my target weight by now... :rolleyes:

Anyhow... so,I just wanted to re-introduce myself, so thank you to any and all of you who keep this forum going, it's been a wonderful place to come to when I've felt a craving for pizza or chinese food (my downfall!), which in turn has stopped me getting any bigger...

My name is Clair... I'm 29 (just!), currently size 22, 16st4lb, and my real goal right now is to be lighter - I want to be a size 16... I'd be more than happy with that...

Sorry for the long post! :eek:

Hope to be a regular poster, and a regular loser! (weight that is!! :cool:)

tinks xx
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The Diet Guy
Welcome, welcome, welccccccccccccomme !!

Cambridge is brilliant and you'll do so well.

Just glug the old water and eat the packs and within a few months you won't believe the results.

If you need any advice you can always mail me or ask on here as loads of people who will help.

Go for it

thank you, thank you!

I thought cos this site moves so quickly no-one would reply but I feel good for having got the post out there!

Can I just say again, how much your blog (?) inspired me... I can't remember how I found it, but I remember reading through it, looking at the pics of you cooking the packs, and reading the weightlosses in utter disbelief.. then I searched some more and found this site... your before and after pics, truly amazing! I'm surrounded by people who would have no problems with women on a diet (aren't we supposed to be!) but a man on a diet, let alone a 'faddy' one like this, plus sharing it online - the tough northern blokes up here wouldn't hear of it! so good on you for showing off your achievements and it's fab you being a councellor too - have read your replies and posts with interests! after all, don't we all need a gentle nudge sometimes from someone who's 'been there, done it'...

I've been drinking 2.5 litres of water everyday for the past week, and cut out all fizzy drinks (sob! :cry:) and just been eating low calorie to get me used to the idea of my body being on this regume...

Does it sound silly to say I can hardly wait for tomorrow to get started!!!!


The Diet Guy
Not at all!! It is very good to be excited.

At the end of the day you are about to become a new person, you will be slimmer and healthier and everyone will be commenting on how good you look, you get to buy smaller, nicer looking and fitting clothes and a self confidence will emerge that you never knew was there, your self esteem will also rise a lot and you'll feel great about yourself and the world, why wouldn't you enjoy it!!!

Anyway looking forward to watching you shrink!!!



Fed up of being fat
Hi Tink and welcome. In a couple of weeks from now when you've had weigh in's you will be so pleased that you decided to do this diet.

The people here are fab and if it wasnt for them, their stories, their losses and this forum I dont think I would have been able to do this diet. So Im very glad I stumbled across minimins.

Keep posting, there are always lots of lovely people about. Look forward to hearing about your losses and your cd journey!!


Gold Member
Hi Clair, you can do this, its not the easiest of diets but in my opinion its the best.
Enjoy the shakes and soups. You will get loads of support on here and the weight will just fall off you.
Sending support hugs x x x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi TInk

Good Luck for getting started with CD I'm sure you will do brilliantly - it sounds as though you have got you cd head screwed on tightly so there will be no stopping you now!

We will all be here to help you along the way and you'll get loads of support on these boards so good luck to you chick I look forward to seeing how you get one!

N xx

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

& welcome, glad you have joint us. CD is a great diet that really works!

Minimins is an amazing place to come for loads of support, a truely great bunch on here. Keep posting, i look forward to reading your progress & hearing you shrink....

Good luck ....xxx


Silver Member
Hi clair, good luck and keep posting, the support here is fab :)


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Hi Clair,

Good luck on your CD journey just keep glugging that water :) and the weight will sone be falling off!