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Hi I am new to websites like these and have recently re joined the slimming world family and I have to say I can't believe how much its changed! I am a little confused with the mix and match options so will be sticking to the age old red and green days to start!
I am really looking forward to reading your posts though and getting some great advice!
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Hello and welcome,
I too am new to this forum but love it as you get some great ideas, tips,recipes and support. I joined sw last Thursday after a seven year gap. I cannot believe the changes too but I will give anything a go to lose once again this weight!! I am on the extra easy plan and have to say I haven't craved any sweets, crisps or naughty foods, infact I have found it hard to use my syns. I am learning though to use them in other ways such as sauces or cheese added to the meals.
Good luck on your journey and here's hoping that the lb signs dwindle down to reach your goal!!
Janet X :sign0144:


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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.

Mrs V

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Hi there and welcome. I think you will find that the plan has changed for the better!
When I first joined SW many moons ago, fruit was synned!


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Good luck on your journey.

Isn't slimming world the best?! I used to be a red day girl but I'm loving the extra easy plan, it's so simple :)

Devon Dolce

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Hello and welcome xxx


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Welcome back and hope we can be of support for one another :)


S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks all I am hoping it goes well!
I have a question though........how do you get the weight loss count down things on your profile??


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Welcome Rollass1, welcome back to SW! I understand completely sticking with what you know (red and green) but being new to SW myself (12 weeks in) I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying the extra easy plan as it really is so easy! It's just normal eating and I don't have to put too much thought into what can go with what! You just have to restrict your healthy extras and have just one each of a and b. You can eat fruit, veg, lean meat, eggs, quorn, pasta, rice, noodles (dried), couscous, bulgar wheat, lentils, baked beans, fat free yogurts (some varieties) to your hearts content, just making sure about 1/3 of your daily intake is fruit and veg! And of course you still get your HEX a and b and your 5-15 syns! I'm loving it so would defo recommend you giving it a try!X