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Hi All!

Hi all

Just popping on on my laptop to say hello!

NLP training is going very very well, absolutely life changing stuff, and so many techniques and attitudes I can use to help people lose weight and get rid of their "stuff" so they can lose their weight.

Won't bore you all with it now but just amazing what you do with it !!

Anyway back home on Monday so see you all then

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That all sounds really interesting stuff Mike, hope you do well on your course.
Look forward to more words of wisdom from you now lol
Hi Icemoose
I am new to this site and have benn checking out the gallery photos what you have done is sooooo good I cannot believe the photos you are 1/2 the person you were A MASSIVE WELL DONE !!!!
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Have a great course

Just wishing you a successful course

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hi Mike,

Can't wait to hear what advice you have learned from this course. Well done!
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Ok the initial course is the NLP practitioner course which more details at :- NLP training course information - NLP Practitioner Certification, Hypnosis Certification, Time Line Therapy training - London, Herts UK

Then you can go on to do Master practitioner course more details at :-
NLP training course information - NLP Master Practitioner Certification, Master Time Line Therapy training - London, Hertfordshire UK

If you want a 1-2-1 personal breakthrough which frankly would really sort you out in terms of your own head then details at :- One to one therapy - breakthrough any issue in a maximum of 8 hours - Herts UK

If you want anymore details then just call Melissa on 01494 790890, she is really friendly and will answer any of your questions (or mail me and I can answer you)

Not only have I spent the time learning some AMAZING techniques for helping people lose weight but also I have managed to deal with a few of my own issues which has been absolutely superb. Also I will soon be a qualified NLP prac and hypnotherapist so I can really start to use Cambridge to trim people down and then use my NLP skills to help them help themselves keep the weight off.

Exciting times :)

Icemoose, my CDC has your newspaper articles on her inspiration wall - how sweet is that?

The course sounds brill, keep the tips coming ;)
Aww thanks :)

So much learnt! About myself as much as anything!! I went to learn how to help clients and truely opened some doors in my own head, best money I have ever spent!!

Anyway one of the biggest things we did and which I knew already was that to succeed in something you must set a goal and enjoy getting to that goal and make every step of it a step closer. I have noticed (and sure other counsellors will agree here) that the people who are really successful on the diet are those that really enjoy losing weight and embrace the experience and see it as a huge positive in their life, therefore if you can picture yourself as slim (truely in your unconcious) and then have a plan then you will get there as your mind will let you, and as we all know 99.99% of this diet is in your head.

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Good to have you back Mike and great advice, as ever!

Absolutely :)

I want to get my NLP prac, TLT and Hypnotherapy and then spend 6 months building that up alongside the diet stuff, then I want to do my Master Practioner and really start to use this stuff to help others. Still not sure exactly how I will use it but I see obesity as usually an effect and not a cause and I want to help people with the cause and this will allow me to do that.

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I see obesity as usually an effect and not a cause and I want to help people with the cause and this will allow me to do that.

You are so right, Mike! When I did my Life Coaching course there were quite a few NLP techniques in the training programme, and I've found them to be invaluable in my work as a CDC.

It's great that you had such an great time on the course, and I've no doubt you'll be even MORE inspirational now than you've ever been. If such a thing is possible of course :eek: :)
Thanks m8 :)

I have to say I have DIVA to thank and she recommended CertainChange to me and just so glad she did!! One of those quick conversations that can change your future!


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