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Hi all

Dunno what to say really. I am new here and found that I am 23st 4 lbs :cry:and am In shock, knew I was big but hell thats just crazy.

Pixiepirates a good friend of mine suggested I come here and after reading her diary I decided to register and be all brave. Shes been so supportive of me lol and listens to my babbling:p but maybe her ears need to rest :D lol

I am currently.. well it starts 2morrow a test subject for a weight loss program that superdrug are going to be starting, Its set around healthiy eating and exercise but is one to one support with a qualified nurse. The plan should cost £42 for a 12 week course but it s free for me for next 12 weeks.

Went on wednesday for first session and it was a nightmare really.. I was to heavy for her scales and well hell I was mortified:sigh:.....

The plan itself looks really good and they aim for you to of lost 10% by 12 weeks but they understand that this isnt going to happen for everyone.

Anyway I have brought my own scales now so will be weighing myself but still going for the sessions at superdrug.

I have to do this I am getting health problems now. I am diabetic and cannot walk more than a few minutes with out being in agony with my back. I also have zero confidence and self opinion. Plus I am fed up with being unhappy..

On a brighter note.. I am getting married (well a civil ceremony) to my partner of 4 years in august of next year and well I want to be able to wear a dress and look good.

Any help and advice would be appreciated especially recipies and tips for quick cheap and healthy meals for 2 my OH needs and wants to lose weight too.. recipies for 4 are no good cause I will eat 2 persons worth and so will my partner lol.

Thanks for listening

duchy aka Trace
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Evening hunny, ... I just wanted to say well done for posting ........ As you know i use the ww boards but i think i may just keep popping on here to! ...Everyone ive spoken to here so far have been lovely! ....

keep my beady eye on you xxx
Wanted to wish you good luck. There is lots of support on here so keep coming on and asking questions. Don't worry too much about your start weight - this is the last time you will ever ever weigh this much.

Also for when weight loss slows down take a measurement of your arms and stomach etc and then if you dont loose much in a week you can see how many inches have gone.
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Hi Duchy
I wrote you a long (and rather rambling) welcome ... maybe it's just as well I pressed the wrong button and deleted it!! :rolleyes:

Try again ...

Welcome to the boards. I identify with a lot of what you said about how your weight is affecting you: I was about 22st at my heaviest -
I say 'about' ... it could have been more but my scales stopped working at 22st so it could have been more. I just thought they were 'playing up' and couldn't understand why they were ok for hubby. Methinks I was in denial!! :D
I also have type 2 diabetes but you'll find a great improvement in your blood sugars after just losing that 10% first target.

Loking forward to following your progress :)
There are quite a few of us WeMITTS who were over 20 st when we started so don't worry we all know what it is like. Just think small steps instead of the whole picture and this will make your journey more manageable.

let us know how you do as I've never heard of this with Superdrug

Irene xx
Wow I feel better all ready

:cool:Hi again,

I just wanted to say thanks for the lovely replies, I feel a lot better already.

Oh and my partner weighed me just and I am 22st 11. Lol when I lean forward the scales shoot up... the perils of gravity and big boobs...:eek:

I have decided that my first target is to lose half a stone, Im not going to even go near a target weight yet thats far too scary, so half stone chunks for me.

Sorry dont know how to do those great tickers and that yet but give me time... hehe:beam:
Thats it, take your time. This is a journey that will change your life, you will learn lots along the way if you don't rush it.

Come on here, moan, groan, cheer us up, let us cheer you up. We all wish you well!



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Hey, good luck duchy, what a great opportunity for you. Keep us all posted.


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Welcome to the site Duchy.....:D:D:D:D
Good luck with it Duchy.

BTW to do your ticker - click on my ticker at the bottom here and then it will take you to the website. Select create ticker and it will guide you through it. Then just copy and paste the code it gives you into your signature on the forum (Go to User CP then Edit signature).

There are lots of people on here with a lot of weight to lose so you really have come to the right place. I started at just over 18stone and now I weigh about 15.5 stone. It can be a real shock to face up to what you weigh but focus on the fact it will come down now - stick to your diet plan and you will be fine.

Take it in small chunks like you say - each little chunk makes a difference to your appearance and health and energy.

Keep us all posted!
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Hi and welcome. That superdrug thingy sounds good, have you a number you can ring and speak to someone if you need to? I am currently 20st 8lbs my heaviest yet. It's so inspiring reading about people's success on this site especially people who have loads to lose. Gives me hope that I can do it too. Best of luck to you. :)

Hiya All,

Well yes I can ring the nurse anytime or I can go into superdrug and see her if I need a bit of support. Also Lulu works at superdrug so can ask for tips if needed.

My weigh in day is a Friday so I will be going in and seeing the nurse for a one to one session.

The plan itself is pretty simple, it focuses on changing the way you eat and exercising. It asks you to set 3 goals initially but doesn't want just short term ones. For example mine are 1) Look and feel better, to be healthier, 2)Walk without difficulty and lastly 3)To wear a dress for my wedding.

Exercise is always my down fall, I am not the most active person in the world lol. The nurse suggested I start with a 5 min walk to the shop and build it up weekly or to do a few 5 min sessions on the exercise bike a again build it up weekly. The bike is likely to be the thing I use as I am not good with going out on my own, I get car hoots and shouts and I cant cope with that well as I suffer anxiety attacks.

I am going to suggest the nurse gets scales that cope with heavier people though as I was so embarrsed that I was too heavy for them. Ok I am heavy but Im sure there are heavier people than me out there that would suit this kind of plan.

Ok better go my mums coming for a cuppa lol.. Hears a huge sigh of relief... chuckles...:talk017:
S: 19st7lb C: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I have to do this I am getting health problems now. I am diabetic and cannot walk more than a few minutes with out being in agony with my back. I also have zero confidence and self opinion. Plus I am fed up with being unhappy..
I know what you mean I was diagnosed type 2 two and a half years ago, I hate that my lifestyle and diet has caused this. I've protein leaking into my kidneys so I have got to try and reverse that. The diabetic clinic aren't really much help to me, prob cos they see it all as self-inflicted. :( Still I am determinded to get the weight off and show them I mean business!

I also understand about your anxiety about going out, I won't go out unless I have to. I had a walking buddy when I looked after my mate's dog and really enjoyed it. Now he's back home and I haven't been out in a week. I very seldom get things shouted but I am still really uncomfortable in public. I must try to get over this.

Hi Lyn,

Im lucky really my diabetic clinic is run by my gp surgery and they are very good and supportive. I hope your clininc will see that you are trying and support you more and Im sure you will get it off this time.

We can beat this weight thing:)

As for going out well I find that if I have a purpose I can do it so maybe remember why you are going for this walk and think about how much easier it will be if we are smaller versions of us, I think that will help me.

It will happen:D
Aw Duchy, I know exactly what you mean. In Tesco's car park once, some smart-asses in a car drove by and yelled "I bet you shop at Evans", to which I quickly replied "Yeah – and I bet your condoms are X-small"...at least his mates laughed...:D:D:D...but inside it hurt me like hell. Just keep on thinking how good you will feel, pretty soon. We take an hour's walk every evening – and for me the weight is dropping nicely (1-3lbs/week). Tell yourself you WILL do it. And keep coming on here for support. Think little goals at a time...and you WILL get there sweetie.