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Hi all


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Im new to lipotrim I have been to chemist today and have all my packs at the ready so will be starting tomorrow. I am a little concerned about not being able to have milk in my tea and coffee but hey ho needs must I go to sydney in 11 weeks so I am hoping to have a good chunk of weight off by then. I have 4 ish stone to lose I wish I had started it earlier so i could have been at goal for my trip but never mind look forward to chatting to you all especially in the hungry hours lol xx
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hey Katie welcome to the LT family!!! I used to take milk in my tea and coffee and I must admit I still miss it but you do get used to the taste of it and you actually learn to like the taste of the tea and the coffee without masking it with milk!
Hey welcome and enjoy the forum. im new myself and just joined the lipo train today. So good luck for tomorrow.

I normally love milk and sugar in my tea, had it today without and BOY OH BOY is it gross lol will take some getting used to.


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welcome Katie, this is a great site for support and inspiration, im sure you will have lost loads in 11 weeks

wishing you lots of luck on your LT journey remember the 1st week can be tough but stick with it for amazing results x


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Ah thanks all im quite excited lol x

rainbow brite

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Welcome and good luck! :D x


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hi katie and welcome,
i'm sure you'll be ok just keep drinking the water for a great weight loss


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Welcome hun! 11 weeks is enough time to get you very close to that goal and possibly even achieve it! I have seen people do it! Just keep at it. First week is hard but you have to keep thinking of the big picture. Second week on it gets soooo much easier!

You'll be in that bikini for the hols yet!

This is my third time on this diet, on the first occasion I gave up because I could not manage to drink the tea or coffee without milk. I don't take sweetners in my coffee and tea. On the second occassion I attempted the diet sticking to it rigidly, but put a tiny amount of skimmed milk in my tea and coffee. I knew the worse it could do would be to take me out of ketosis and make me hungry, but I had to try it. Thankfully it did neither and I did manage to loose weight. I had to come off the diet, after loosing 1 and a half stone, as we had a family tragedy. I am back on the diet again, and this time determined to see it through to the end, and get to my target weight and keep it off, but again I just could not do this diet without a small touch of skimmed milk in my tea and coffee, it is the only thing I look forward to in my day, as unlike most other people I do not like the shakes and just get them down as quick as possible, but have a relaxing tea or coffee afterwards, my treat after the shakes. I am still in ketosis, not hungry (that was after the first 3 days), still drink 3 litres of water, and my required shakes, and I have average weight losses.
I do agree with everyone that you should not cheat on this diet, and I do not pick or cheat in any other way, but know I could not do this diet without the tiniest drop of skimmed milk in my tea and coffee. Try your best and see if you can manage your tea and coffee without any milk, if not try the tiniest drop of skimmed milk, but be aware that everyone reacts differently, so you would need to monitor yourself.
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Welcome Katie,

I'm in my 8th week and used to be an avid tea and diet coke drinker. I tried black tea but hated it!!! I do like black coffee and often have one in the evening when I feel peckish. It does help!

This diet is great. It works best if you don't cheat at all and drink plenty of water. I started drinking just 2 litres a day but have found it easy to increase that as long as you spread it out during the day and don't try to drink it all in the evening. So far today I've had 4 litres and 2 cups of coffee and I'm planning to drink another 1/2 - 1 litre tonight!

The worse thing is the constant dashes to the loo!!! My bladder always seems full!!! Lol!!!

If you find yourself weakening then pop on here as there'll always be someone around to gee you up.

Good luck.



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Yes coffee without milk is rank...but dont use milk as it has carbs in it esp skimmed and semi skimmed!!! you can use your vanilla shakes with coffee to make a latte ...i am a complete caffine addict and use i full bag of LT a day as coffee whitener... wck you coffee in a blender add on spoon ful of van LT and whizz ....lush!! Hope this helps xxx
Good luck on your first week


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Thanks for all the replies think i will try the vanilla pack in coffees although i have just had a black coffee with a sweetner and it was not too bad at all. Can mange without tea for now, can we have herbal tea I cant remember a quite like peppermint. Off to a wedding reception tonight so hoping that this will distract me from the hunger. will try and leave off having shakes till as late as possible. Hope you all have a nice day x


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welcome katie:)

peppermint tea is my saviour!!! also nice in the chocolate shake instead of water!!!
i can cope with black coffee and sweetener but i miss my tea!!:cry: just can't drink it black. i'm on day 5 now and feeling really good.
good luck
sandie x


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Have a fab time hun xxx


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Its not going well here had to goto A&eE had a really bad allergic reaction after I had my shake had to have some steroids and shot hydrocortsione poor me, I have had allergic reactions before but hoped i would be ok with these shakes what a bloody waste of money x
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oh my....

I am really sorry to hear about your allergic reaction... that is such a shame! I hope u feel ok now xoxox


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oh katie u ok?
tis not good


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aww what a b**ch gutted for you...maybe try CD?? You could always wack you shakes you have left on ebay Hoowdy will prob buy them xxx
Good luck with what ever you decide xx


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i had the same problem with CD its the soya im allergic to but the pharmacist told me these had minimal soya in so i would be ok?! Gutted as i have had to miss my friends wedding , just trying to find out if lighterlife are soya based do any of you know? x