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Hi all

Just started my lipotrim today. I was shocked and upset with my weigh in and it has made me more determined to get it off. i have had two meals up to now. Im not hungry and have just sat on the computer as my hubby and son ate their meal. I really want to do this, any words of wisdom? Should I start exercising now or wait until I have lost a bit?:p
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hi hun, im not really sure about the exercising but if u stick to LT u will feel amazing when the weight starts to come off i feel like i have had a new lease of life!! i have never had such good results on any diet as i have on this and when u see what u can achieve u just want to carry on. any questions u have im sure u will find the answers on here it is great inspiration... good luck love and welcome LT. KEEP POSTING!!! X
:welcome: - Well done for joining the club. I wouldn't do too much exercise during the first few days as you may feel a bit tired. I keep promising to start, but never seem to get around to it - maybe tomorrow -Lol !!

Good luck for your WI next week. :)


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Welcome to LT, you will love the results. Most people don't exercise in the first week cos they just don't have the strength to do it. I started going to the gym in about week 3 and now I go 3 times a week and love it. I personally would leave it for the first week and see how you feel after that, but if you feel ready for it just start but take it very easy to begin with. You have to listen to your body and do as much as you feel you can. Good luck but do take it easy!


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Don't overdo it. I have found that I feel quite energetic but I soon run out of steam - I have just finished week 1. Rest when your body tells you to, it's getting used to less than a quarter of the calories it's used to (probably) - give yourself a break xxx
hi and welcome

give it a week or two before any exercise
I agree totally with what everyone says about exersising. I would wait a bit, and when you do make sure you drink extra water.Some people have found that lots of exersise on TFR can make you weight loss slow down as muscle weighs more than fat. I was quite happy when my advisor said 'don't go mad a the gym' lol

The way i see it, as the weight comes off you will naturally feel more energetic as you will have less to carry around :)