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Hi and calorie help :)


I have just joined the forum, though this is my second time doing the Inch Loss Plan - in Jan and Feb I lost 9 pounds on the first month and then after my birthday I went crazy and put all the weight back on - well not all of it, but the 10 inches I had lost through exercising! :sigh:

This time around I am deadly serious as in August I will be climing Mt Kinabalu and I dont want to fail!!!

Anyways, if I wanted to eat something which isn't a suggested meal from the book how on earth do I go about counting up the calories??? :eek:
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That's what I don't know how to do - where do you get the calories from in the first place? :)
Have a look online just google whatever it is say 'banana calorie content' and there you go its about 100 by the way haha

if you have a look on ebay, put 'nutri scales' into the search engine, they are kitchen scales that give you the nutrional content of most foods, may be worth a try? I only found these after looking at the RC kitchen scales that also do this, but are a lot more money to buy than this!
Also, you can buy 'calorie books' in WHSmiths that give you the calorie count for lots of foods,
Frankie xx
thanks for that frankie Ive found cal counters online as with the inch loss plan there isnt anything on basic cals did stick wiv the plans for 1st month,will look at whs as abook would be handy for when not online when did hip& thigh was lists with basic cals etc
with the hand book is cals mentioned for the using the measures
been loooking for the h& thigh book cant find it think may have thrown it out??????

:welcome2: to the rc board Backto back
this board is very supportive.
what i did when i started was i got a note book and worked out the calories of my 'basic' foods(such as chicken breast, roast meats etc) and made note of what their calorie count was per 4 oz (or whatever weight may suit yourself) it makes life a bit easier.
Have a section for meat, another for veggies, another for fruit etc etc
Took a bit of time to do, but also saves time now!
Frankie xx
I already have the WW scales so am not going to cash out more until they die. I did buy a book on Amazon though with calories in it so we will see how that goes :)

Day 5 today and all is going well!
thats agreat idea frankie,have printed alot of today plus what is in my handbook so it should be easier now
hi back 2 back is the cal book ok from amazon I got the salcercise dvds from there only 4.99 a barg

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