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Hi and Help

I only started slimming world on Tuesday and decided to have a green day yesterday for tea, I thought I would make meat free shepherds pie with sweede as the topping. When I went shopping I couldn't get minced quarn but a frozen soya mince it had egg in it so I thought It would ok. Looking at my book this morning it says powdered soya is 3.5 per 28g not free like quarn.Have I made a terrible mistake and can any one tell me syn value for frozen, if not I'll ask next week.:wave_cry:
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I ate my willpower!
What brand is the mince? I will check the syn value for you. Oh and welcome!
Hi Molly

Welcome along.

Firstly, don't worry. It's your first week, your first couple of days. We all made mistakes in our first week, heck: I still make them now! You've had a few syns and even if you went over your 15 allowance for the day, it won't affect your losses too much as a one off.

I'd hazard a guess that eating a soya Shepherds Pie with sweede is a much healthier way of eating compared to how you were eating before. You're still on track for a good loss this week in your first week, so put the little mistake behind you and move on.

If you tell us the full name and size of the frozen thing you want to know the syn value for, I'll look it up for you and post it here. In future, at the top of the Slimming World forum you'll see a board called 'Syn Requests'. Just type there what you want to know and someone will get back to you.

Well done for making the commitment to Slimming World and for taking it so seriously. But, honestly, don't worry about the odd little error - we all do it and it will work out okay.

Good luck,

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree with the others Hun...dont panic over it, it will still have been a far healthier option to what you would have had previously and you will still loose weight.
Welcome to SW and to Minimins!

Hi thanks so much I bought 450G Morrisons meat free mince a blend of ceral and soya protein. I used roughly 100g but as you say it's a learning curve just a little disappointing, need to be a bit more vigilant hey. Thanks for the heads up about where to post as well really appreciated.


I ate my willpower!
Morrisons Meat Free Mince, frozen 100g

Original 2 Syns
Green 2 Syns

Morrisons Meat Free Mince, frozen 100g

Original 2 Syns Green 2 Syns

Looks like you've only used a couple of syns.

Don't worry!

Good luck with it all. Keep trying and I promise you'll loose!


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