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Hi everybody!!!

Hello everybody,

I'm really new to this so please be kind.

I want to lose a whopping 5 stone by this time next year!! (and then a bit more after that!)

It's my first day of following slimming world, and i'm quite daunted.. there's lots of things to remember, but i guess you get used to it eventually, right??I'm a member of body optimise online to help me along the way for a few months.

I'm still finding it hard to believe that you can eat tomato and herb pasta n sauce for free on green, what other delights are free too?

Does everybody thing my target is realistic.. 7lbs a month (see signature) I didn't really know what to put, but i thought about 2lbs a week seemed about right?

Any help / kind words would be gratefully received!

Lots of love. x x x x x
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Team FFF!!!
Hi and welcome:D, it does seem daunting to start with doesn't it. My advice is read your book really thoroughly and keep it with you. Sit down now and go through it and plan a couple of days of meals so you know what you are going to have and don't end up panicking over what to eat ;) Keep a tub or box of free or very low sin snacks that you can pick at if you need to as well :)

Apart from that just keep coming on here and ask questions when you need to because the members here are fab ;)

And good luck ;)


Spam Hunter
Hiya Zest Face, welcome to the forum and to Slimming World. Come on here regularly and you will find all the support and advice you need!
i didn't expect to receive replies so quickly, thank you both very much for your support..

I've done a bit of what you suggested, I have my meals planned and ingredients bought until monday. It seems to be quite expensive though, does anybody else find that? I guess i'm used to buying jars of ingredients rather than making things from scratch.

I just ate spaghetti bolognese from a recipe on the slimming world site. Was pretty nice, didn't expect it to be! And i'm a pretty awful cook so to have something made from scratch that's edible is great for me!

How long have you guys been following this plan?

Hiya and welcome to the forum, you will find loads of new starters on her aswel as people who have been doing SW on and off for years.

My advice would be the same as MrsB's look and read you books all the time and write everything down because you sometime accidently on purpose ;) forget what syns you have had.

Hope you find us a helpful site and everyone is really friendly and helpful.

Ruthy xxx
Ive been following the plan since the end of Jan- i was 16st4lbs and now im 14st 10lbs.
With alot of little blips in between opps i have more or less stuck to it.
Ruthy xxx

Force Ten

Serial Dieter
Hi I'm new to this forum and am on my third week of SW. Lost 6.5 pounds the first week and put on half a pound the second week (probably due to the several glasses of wine I consumed:() but seem to be back on track again this week.

I have 6 stone to lose and have given myself at least a year to do it. I've been a member of WW before and lost some but I wasn't happy with it so decided to give SW a try and so far I'm enjoying it. I love the fact that so many foods are free. :D I made a chickpea carrot cake last weekend that a friend gave me the recipe for and really enjoyed it. :)

I found this forum by accident while browsing the net for recipes so I'm looking forward to trying out some of the yummy recipes I've seen.
thank you for everybody's messages! they're really inspiring.

way to go on the weight loss Ruthy, i hope mine goes equally well.

force ten, not sure the chickpea cake is my cuppa tea, maybe when i'm feeling a bit more adventurous..and desperate for cake!

i'm glad that you're all finding that this S/W is working for you, it's really encouraging to hear, it must be able to work for me too!

Welcome Zest and Force10,

You'll find the answers to most questions here and you both seem to have set realistic goals which are very achievable. I have about 5stone to loose and hope to have that shifted by the end of the year. Its not easy but if you stay focussed and take it step by step you will achieve your goals.

I sat with my friend this morning (she's on SW too) and we planned our weeks meals. She works away a lot so finds herself suddenly faced with a buffet or no alternative for lunch and then when she gets home (usually late) she's starving. So we've planned her week, including all sorts of pack lunch ideas for her and quick and planned evening meals so she feels a lot more confident about the week ahead.

Planning is the key, good luck.

L x
Hey - Ive been doing SW for 12 weeks now (first time Ive ever attempted to diet) I wanted to lose seven stone, and am just over two stone down. As the others have said you'll find all the answers to your questions on here, we're very supportive and encouraging..... but you'll get a kick up the bum if you need it xxx


Team FFF!!!
I started on 16th january weighing 21st 10.5lb :eek::(:( I'm now 18st 13.5lb so I've still got a LONG way to go:(:(
You're doing well though Mrs B x


Team FFF!!!
Thanks Rainbow, i'm kinda stuck just now but I know I can do it and this teim I am determined ;) x

Hey if anyone needs a daily ass whooping :whoopass:....im free most times of the day, and i do it anyways even if wasnt asked for ;). We all need it now and then :break_diet:

Steph&Bumpy0 are the ones who usually give me a kick up the backside and it usually works.

Ruthy xxx
Mrs B, sometimes we get stuck when we keep doing the same things, perhaps a change would do you good. Find a recipe for something you've never cooked before or go for a walk down a different road. You'll be amazed at what a little change can do!

Thanks for the rep x

L x
Hey MrsB this has happened to me before , simply try having fruit and/or a mullar light or a free food breakie for breakfast....sometimes thats all it takes....your body does get stuck in a rut and thinks oh! this again....shock it! and im sure it will work.

It does for me ;)

Ruthy xxx


Addicted to Minimins
Hiya zest face and force ten :welcome: and good luck on the starting SW its really easy once you get your head round it. We all have our ups and downs on here and its so good to get the support you need for either.

I have lost 4and a half stone in year which im thrilled about but still have about 5 and a half stones to go so Im in it for the long haul.:)
Mrs B -you could speak to Son bout FF that she did, that worked for her when she was stuck. By the way am loving the lips xxx
yep i second that!

Ruthy xxx

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