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Hi everyone, another new girl!

Hi everyone,

I'm 27 and a want to change my body and lifestyle. I used to be around 17st (238lbs) and lost just under 5 stone over few couple of years, mainly by doing slimming world...I got down to my lowest weight which was 12st 4lbs.

Over the last 18 months or so I put on nearly 2st going back up to my current weight. I've got no real excuse, I have always been a bit of a comfort eater and love food, and I just started eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, hungry or not! I want to break this habit now and thought calorie counting would be the best idea as I will get a good idea of exactly what I'm putting into my body.

Does anyone have any tips for moving on from comfort eating/eating when you're not hungry? Any tips at all actually! Or if anyone just wants to say hi that'd be good too. Thanks everyone!

Sorry if this is too long :confused:
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Hi utopiairis
welcome, get yourself reading and posting. There are some amazing storys which will give you lots of motivation!
Good luck x
Hi and thanks for the welcome! Dizzy I am off sick with a nasty cold so I'll be reading up all day I think! And Irene you're right about quantities....I need to watch how much I am putting on my plate so I'm hoping calorie counting is going to make me more aware...fingers crossed....


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hello and welcome to minis.. i recommend you try using my fitness pal

they have lots of useful tools and calculators to help you. if you sign up (its free) you can fill in what youre eating and works out the calories etc all for you,its really good. it can track exercise and you can look up hundreads of different foods there..its really useful and i use it all the time now.
i had similar eating habits,eating for the sake of it, im out of that habit now..i ate my main meal away from the tele and actually used the dining room,if you want to eat, stop and think about it, wait half hour and if you still feel hungry then a piece or fruit or better still water.

i now drink 1.5 litres of water a day,if not a bit more, i carry it everywhere with me and helps fill you up. i have the volvic with the 'touch of' flavours,it helps take the hunger pangs away and the want to eat.

you can start your own diary here,read the stories and visit the slide show for true inspiration.

good luck! :)
Thank you, someone else has also recommended myfitnesspal so I've signed up, also going to try turning off the TV for my main meal and carrying water around with me as I know I don't drink enough at the moment. Thanks so much for the tips I'm going to try them all out and hopefully next friday I'll have some good news, fingers crossed!


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Welcome to the forum and good luck on your weight loss journey.

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Hi there hun and :welcome2: to the forums! Firstly, please don't worry about writing long messages, we don't mind, its nice to get to know a little bit of background on someone anyway when they first join.

You are currently at the weight which I started at so I understand completely how it feels, you're a little taller than me however so I bet you don't look half as bad as I did when I was at my largest!

I think a lot of us have a problem with comfort eating, I know I did but I knew that I HAD to stop otherwise I was just going to get bigger and bigger and along with that - more miserable every time I looked in the mirror or went shopping and couldn't find anything that looked good on me.

Anyway, I've now come to the conclusion that if I am not hungry I'm not going to eat, no matter if my brain tells me too - I'll go and find something to entertain myself some other way - go for a walk, go on the internet, play some sports, do some cross stitch - anything that I enjoy really which could take my mind off wanting to eat. I have now got to control when I eat and how much and I no longer eat just for the sake of it, I wait until I am hungry. I’ve also cut out the sugar in my tea which has helped a lot.

Sometimes I also think of something I like to eat but then really ask myself, “Is the taste of this worth me putting on more weight for?” Usually I end up putting down whatever it was!
And also, most importantly, I think its wrong to completely deprive yourself of your favourite stuff. If you fancy some chocolate, snap off one square and eat that, rather than sit craving it for ages then eventually giving in and eating a whole bar! If you want chocolate have the one square and try to make it last, either bite little bits off it or let the square melt in your mouth. I do this and it really does help.

Anyway hun, it will be good to have you on board and see you around the forums. Good luck…oh and also well done for that 5 stone you once lost….see it is possible, and you can do it again! Chat soon X
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hey! im new too but everyone here is really friendly and there is a lot of really good info and support to found on these boards.
good luck with your weight loss journey xxx
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Hi and :welcome: to the forums
Wishing you the very best of luck on your weight loss journey
Sharkbait1983 x

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