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Hi Everyone Im New

Hi Everyone,

Like the title says im new

My name is Samantha or Sammy, Im 26 and have 2 kids, James is 6 and Abbie is 2

Im just back from the doctors and i got xenical although on the box it says orlistat? I take it thats just a different name for the same product?

The doc wasnt too pleased about me getting it but said i could give it a go for 8 weeks

When i got the presciption from the chemist there was no information leaflet so basically im winging it as i dont have a clue lol

Ive read the new to xenical and its very helpful so i know the 5g rule :D

I'll be taking my 1st tablet tomorrow woohoo

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Hiya and welcome :D Good luck on your weight loss journey, and keep posting here ( loads of support and info).


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Hi and welcome

like Ali says, post loads, ask questions and you will do fine..

we all look forawrd to hearing about your losses!!




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1 with each meal.
so 3x a day

your meals should contain no more than 15g of total fat and you also know the 5% rule...

i tend to take my tablets regardless of if there isnt any fat in my mean (for eg: if i ate fruit salad and fat free yog for lunch i would still take it.. although the fat in the meal was practically nothing..)

hope you are feeling ok..
its a lot to take in, but just take each day as it comes. :)
My doc has only gave me 1 120mg tablet to take each day and only a months supply, Will that even work?




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are you sure. most boxes contain 84 tablets.
which is 4 weeks supply.

i doubt (im not an expert) if 1 tablet a day will give the same if any result.
i could be wrong though. but you will find i think that everyone who is on here has 3 tabs a day


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(goes to get intruction manual from the box)

Point 3:
Always take Xenical exactly as your dr has told you, You should check with your Dr or Pharmisist if you are not sure. The Usual dose of Xenical is 1x 120mg capsule with each of three main meals per day.
Im soo gutted!! I checked the box and theres only 28 tablets! When i was in the docs she REALLY didnt want me to get it, Said she didnt know much about it and i was to take 1 tablet a day probably best at lunch time incase of any side affects

It has taken me weeks to get the bottle to go to the doctor to ask for diet pills and now this!!

Maybe she thinks because im already doing ww that i dont need as many but i really do, im struggling :(

What should i do?



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contact the dr, and say the info pack says what i have written above, but you have only give me 28 tablets, so therefore i only have 1 weeks worth. see what they say.
Hi Kes,

Just wanted to let you know i called the doctor this morning and yes i am supposed to get 3 she made a mistake lol so ive got a new prescription and im now on route to skinnyville lol

Thanks Lovely x
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oh well done. and i bet the dr felt like a right woops! lol
glad you are in there and going strong.
hows it going?

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