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Hi Everyone so advice please

Hi guys

I have been on LT for 7 days now and have found today to be the hardest I am so hungry:sigh: but have been good and stuck to it.

Today should have been my first weigh in but as it bank holiday and I new I had a busy weekend I went Friday to get weighed and had lost 6lb in 5 days, I am so happy :D

I am strugling to drink the amount of water recommended tho and no that it does help with your weight lose. Does anyone have any tips to getting through the water?

I would just like to add that this website is great and your stories are all so encouraging:p
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Best bet is to keep your water by your side at all times and just keep sipping it during the day. Try sparkling water too, a lot of people use that and grow to love it. I used to make peppermint tea and let it cool in the fridge and sip a glass of this between glasses of plain water.


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Yup what kered said - keep your water bottle with you at all times!

I have a 1.5ltr bottle constantly glued to me! lol
I used to HATE water and never drank any but now i drink 4-4.5ltrs a day! Just have to keep glugging and you'll soon get used to it :D


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i love sparkling water and have it in a wine glass topping it up during the day. When out constsntly have a bottle with me.
well done for losing 6lb in 5 days. keep at it.


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Hi clairelouise
I have only been doing LT for 11 days and I have found that actually constantly filling 0.5 litre bottle helps. I started on a litre bottle, carrying it everywhere with me but it just never seemed to disappear, but for some reason having a smaller bottle seems to help!

I fill out 1 litre bottle and 4 half litre bottles and so long as I drink my 2 litre, the rest is a bonus!

My first week I lost 9lbs and get weighed on Thursday again.

Good luck!!



Here we go again!
I also always have a 0.5lt bottle with me at all times and always on my desk at work. Once its drank I top it up and off we go again. I'm also having over 4lts a day now and feel better for it. Keep sipping it through the day and it's amazing how much you can get through.

Good luck and keep on glugging!!


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Hi Claire Louise,
Congratulations that is a great weight loss and not even a week down, well done. As for the water keep it up it will help with the hunger also, hope you are feeling better now. Stay on here and you won't feel like eating anything but your shakes. Best of luck.


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well done on your weight lose,
i agree with everyone else with the water, i keep a 0.5l bottle with me at all times and already can see the benefits from drinking so much not only with the weightlose but also my skin is so much clearer than before, the more you drink the easier it will become
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WATER!! i cant drink tap water... eugggghhhhhh so i drink gallons of bottled water every day either from a sport cap bottle or with a straw, seems to make it go down quicker for me:)
good luck!!
Thanks for all the tips, Im going to go buy myself a couple of bottles of water tomorrow and do like you say and top it up after they finished that way I can measure what Im drinking

Im loving the mikshakes I must say my fave is the chocolate yummy. Cant wait for my next weigh in now.

Thanks for all the tips its great how everyone comes together on this forum thanks guys:D x


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Well done Claire Louise, 6lb in 5 days is fantastic. I'm also a Sparkling Water or Soda Water fan, I add ice as a treat, don't know why but it works!

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