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hi everyone- which diet is best??

Hi there, I have just joined today (my first forum ever!) and thought this was a good place to start...

I want to lose 2 stone by August for holiday with friends and am in need of some inspiration about how to do it. I haven't really done a diet before so dont really know which is best for me.

So right now im thinking of going on a strict 1000cal low-ish carb healthy diet. Not sure if this is a little extreme...please help me out and let me know if anyone has tried this approach and whether you were successful.

would really appreciate any advise. thanks xxxx:)
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Thanks Larry, I will look it up. what is this diet based on. If you are very hungry would you reccommend it? not sure i can handle being hungry all the time:cry:
it depends, what are your intentions. are you wanting a short term quick fix diet? or something that is a long term healthy eating plan? having something to work towards is always a good start, and keeps you motivated when times get hard. x
thanks so much for your comments, im not sure i could do a meal replacement diet... i like food too much. I kind want best of both worlds really, quick weight loss for my holiday but to still be eating healthily and be able to carry on eating well from there. I thought with a low calorie diet i can at least still pick healthy varied foods and then when i reach my ideal weight i an just up the calories a bit??
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I would say 1000 cal is not enough. It all depends on your weight/height etc but Im 5 foot 8 and 13 1/2 stone and I have about 1400-1500 calories a day and lose weight. Sometimes you are better eating a little bit more to stop your body going into starvation mode. and exercise will definately help too, even if its just walking :)

2 stone by August is definately achievable so good luck :)
Low calorie diets have helped me in the past, and its a good way of loosing weight, i got a little obsessed with the calories though, every day trying to eat a few less. :eek:

Im now on slimming world, which has worked really well for me, as you dont count calories it has set me bak on the streight and narrow again. a typical weight loss can be around 5pounds the first week, and expect 1 - 2 pounds every week after. Its a really healthy way to eat for life, and im never hungry which is the best part. lol. x

Good Luck for watever you choose! :)
your goal is totally realistic! and you should beable to acheive it - and maybe more! x
hay, thanks for all of your support and ideas. So after much research i have decided that i dont want to do any set diet brand that costs money and so have opted for a 1200 calorie, low GI, high fibre diet. Im also going to try and have my dinner by 6pm then NOTHING after that (evening snacking is my biggest downfall!) I will keep you all posted on how it goes and if i lose weight. If anyone else is doing similar id love to hear from you. thanks again xxx
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I would have to recommend Slimming World too. I found it wasnt too big an adjustment. It gave me steady, maintainable weight loss. I do know of people who it didn't work for though. You may have to try a few until you find the right one to suit you.

Joe x
hi, thanks, I think i must have thought SW was something else but if its just a plan without having to buy lots of products then it sounds great, It defiantly seems to have a good reputation on here. Maybe i will try 2 weeks on 1200 cals then 2 weeks on SW and see which one works best for me. thanks for the advise x
SW is a plan that you can do through weekly meetings or online through the website. I really loke going to the group and think it helps soo much, but other people dont see the need. So there is a fee for joining whichever way you decide. There is no products you have to buy, just do a regular shop. (and frylight is a must)
Alot of people say its expensive to join group as its £4.95 a week, but i look at it this way... If you have given up having a takeaway once a week then the cost of that already covers group fee, and then some!
The SW website has a free weekly plan that you can follow to see if you can get on with it before you commit! and there is tons of help on the forums!

Good Luck! :)
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I have done most diets and found they all worked if you stick to them - just depends what you are willing to give up!!! And then of course there is the implications when you stop the diet NOT putting weight back on. I always found I binged on things I wasn't allowed with diets like SW & Atkins...and that defeated the object of doing it all together!
I am doing calorie counting at the mo and am down 4 pounds in my first week - definately helps that I excercise and love my healthy food. However I can still count in for a treat - last night was a Creme Egg...mmmm!!! And there are plenty of low calorie snacks/treats you can have so don't ever feel like you are missing out and never feel like you can't have a certain food - for example carbs/sweets etc ... you can pretty much have most things within reason
Whichever you choose, good luck!!! :) xx
Hi lou, I totally agree with your way of thinking, Just monitoring your calories means that you can learn to be healthy for yourself and maintain this new way of eating forever. I guess its just another way of learning to not be too geedy!

I guess calorie counting is quite time consuming to begin with but i think after a while it will just come naturally. (have you found this??:)) My favourite treat is a Cadbury fudge bar, its only 100cals and im going to allow myself to have no more then 2 treats a week. Also im allowing myself a glass of wine a week which i can include in my calories.

I have also been thinking that on days that i exercise for more then half an hour im going to allow myself an extra 100 cals ontop of my 1200.

By the way, i have only just started with this...on day 3 and i have already lost 3lbs! so its working fantastically!
S: 11st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 0st4lb(2.45%)
Yes, I did find I got a bit obsessed with it the first few days - I've been doing it just over a week and lost 4lbs so I'm really proud of myself - especially as it was my birthday week!! Still managed 2 pieces (small!) of birthday cake and a meal out with friends - I just ate extra low cal foods for breakfast & lunch - almost SAVED my calories for the evening - this way I could still have what i wanted, except swapping potatoes for extra salad.
I have worked out the "calories burned" for the excersice I do, for example a 40 minute dog walk would burn *** calories or a 15 minute bike ride etc - I keep a little note pad on me and put my "favourites" in the back for quick reference - that way you don't have to work it out everyday - I usually have a cup of tea and 2 crumpets and an apple for breakfast everyday so have tallyed it up so I can just glance at it every morning and know what calories I've had.
I have just found a brilliant app on the iphone if you have one called My Fitness Pal - you put in your details and what calories you want to eat and then add each item of food/water/excercise in and it calculates what you have had and what you have left - it is amazing!! But I do still use my little note book for reference.

If you don't have the iphone I would work out a list of what excercises you plan to do (eg 30 minute aerobics/20 min swim etc) and just google it to see how many calories you would burn - then you know how many "extra" calories to add onto your daily allowance.

My weakness are crisps...eeekkk! I would LOVE to eat an entire tube of pringles right now!! hahaha! But there are crisps you can have that are under 100 calories - skips/french fries/squares etc - so I can still have a little crisp fix and not feel guilty! I think it is just spending time looking at labels or trawling the internet for low calorie ideas, means if you have 150 calories left then you know what you can eat and not feel bad about it!!
Great news on the 3lb loss already!! Good thing about calorie counting is I feel like I ve ACTUALLY lost those few pounds, rather than thinking "its probably water loss" haha! Its going to be a new start for me - I can see this affecting how I eat and what foods I eat in the long run, so hopefully will be easy to maintain :) xx
S: 11st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 0st4lb(2.45%)
what exercises will you be doing?? I think 100 calories is too little for half hours hard work?? If I walk my dog for 40 minutes (moderate walking pace) I can burn 150-160 calories!!
If you want me to look up exercises then let me know and I can do it on my phone quickly - saves having to work it out x
Hi lou, I know what you mean about feeling like you have lost real weight rather then just water weight, which seems to happen with alot of quick fix extreme diets. Well done for being so restrained on your birthday...not sure i could control myself so well if i had a birthday cake in front of me haha!

The iphone app sounds perfect! i dont have an iphone but i have an android so i guess there will be something similar on there...i will look into it.

So exercise wise, i am currently doing a walk in the morning for about an hour then half an hour on my cross trainer.... i maybe do this 4 times a week. i probebly do both at quite a slow/low intensity (really should increase that!)

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