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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jolly-Molly, 13 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Jolly-Molly

    Jolly-Molly Member

    I have been lurking for a while - everytime I need to know what the syn value for something obscure is I get directed here by google :D

    I joined slimming world recently and have lost 12.5 lbs so far - I need to lose 8 stone in all :eek:

    Hope I get to chat to some of you soon

    Mol x x
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  3. Jolly-Molly

    Jolly-Molly Member

    Making some friends here would be nice :) x
  4. 16017

    16017 Full Member

    Hey :)

    Welcome and good luck :D

  5. Jolly-Molly

    Jolly-Molly Member

    Thanks Liam :) x
  6. VWBeetleGirl

    VWBeetleGirl Chilli Queen!

    Hi and welcome! I'm Claire.

    Haha! I joined a few days ago also after being constantly directed here for syn values by google! How long have you been doing SW?
  7. Jolly-Molly

    Jolly-Molly Member

    I joined about 5 weeks ago although I have been following the extra easy plan for 7 weeks :)
    How long have you been doing sw and have you found it easy? x
  8. VWBeetleGirl

    VWBeetleGirl Chilli Queen!

    My 3rd weigh in is on Wednesday and I'm scared! Lost 2lbs in the first week and then put on 1/2 last week. I've been doing extra easy since the start really with maybe 2 - 3 green days per week. I'm just not sure I'm getting it right - I'm cooking for me and the OH though and he's lost 6lbs and was SOTW last week! Unfair!

  9. vgstar44

    vgstar44 Full Member

    Welcome!!! :grouphugg:
  10. Jolly-Molly

    Jolly-Molly Member

    That is really unfair - I have lost on average 1.5 lbs a week but some weeks it is a bit more and others a bit less, I think the fat content of food is really important on the extra easy - also when I ate the most free food one week I lost 3lbs lol x keep going you are worth it :) x x

    Thank you hun :D x x
  11. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Have you been over to the SW section yet?

    Irene xx
  12. 16017

    16017 Full Member


    That's ok
    Good luck with your weight loss. I am looking to lose about 10 stone. We have both got a journey ahead that could be long. But the support here is great I think. :D
  13. VWBeetleGirl

    VWBeetleGirl Chilli Queen!

    Thanks Hun, will let you know what happens on Wednesday (WI)!
  14. Jolly-Molly

    Jolly-Molly Member

    There isa SW section lol not found it yet will have a look as soon as I have finished replying thanks Irene :) x

    One stone at a time eh Liam, if you ever want some encouraging words give me a buzz :) I know I will be needing a few lol x thanks for the good luck wishes and same to you to :D x

    I am excited for you :) my weight in is Thursday and I am scared this week for some reason lol xx

    Thank you so much everyone for such a lovely welcome :) xxx
  15. OzzieMoz

    OzzieMoz Keep on Truckin'

    Hey JollyMolly from a fellow newbie! :D

    I just signed up here last night after having a little lurk and am looking forward to posting over in the SW section, so I'll probably see you over there in a while! It's good to see a nice balance of the newbods and the experienced ones who have been there seen it done it and bought the tee-shirt!
  16. Jolly-Molly

    Jolly-Molly Member

    Hi there OzzieMoz :D thanks for dropping by to say hello, this seems like a really friendly place and so many people have got lots of experience, they also don't seem to mind sharing :D

    Hope to chat to you again soon, do you have a weekly weigh in if so what day is it?


    Big smiles (getting smaller lol) Mol x x
  17. OzzieMoz

    OzzieMoz Keep on Truckin'

    :D @ big smiles getting smaller! I think our smiles will get bigger it's all the rest of us that will get smaller, I'm hoping!

    I'm over in Australia now and they don't do Slimming World here, mores the pity! I found when I did SW 10 years or so ago that going to the meetings really kept me on track. I'm doing it online through their BodyOptimise website and my weigh in day is Sunday, so no being naughty for me at the weekend! d'oh!

    See you over in the Land of Slimming World!
  18. OzzieMoz

    OzzieMoz Keep on Truckin'

    :D @ big smiles getting smaller.... hopefully it's not the smiles that will be getting smaller, but all the rest of us!

    My weigh in day is Sunday, as I'm in Australia there are no classes here, so I'm doing it online with their bodyoptimise website. I've done the SW thing before about 10 years ago and found it worked well, just hoping that I take to it as well this time! Will miss having the classes to go to as they did keep me on track, hoping that by posting here and hopefully getting some feedback on how I'm doing that it will take the place of the meetings to an extent anyway!

    It's funny that here because the diet is unfamiliar, if I wibble on about Red days and green days I get looked at as if I'm bonkers, and if I try to raise the subject of Extra Easy Days, then I think they'll just think I'm a lazy madam! :D

    Anyway, good luck with it all, and catch up with you on the SW threads when I find my way back over there!
  19. Tiitanium

    Tiitanium Gold Member

    hey to all of you & welcome to minimins :)
    this forum really is a huge part of my sucess so i hope you stick around

  20. OzzieMoz

    OzzieMoz Keep on Truckin'

    Sorry about the 2 very similar replies, I didn't realise that some posts get moderated before they appear and wondered where my first reply had gone .... it was only after I re-wrote it, that I saw the message saying that it had to be checked first! :eek: I presume this is for new posters? or is it something I have to get used to? or is it because I effectively post during the night in UK if I visit the site in the middle of the day here?
  21. teenths

    teenths New Member

    hya im new too

    see you araound :D

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