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Hi everyone!

Hi all,
have been looking on here for the last couple of days and have seen my mum do fairly well on SW too so I'm going to have. Go myself.
Although I'm going to try today, I didn't get to the supermarket over the weekend so I'm 9 syns already from my morning toast! Also have no fruit left so vending machine is only snack option. Hopefully I can resist!

Off to sainsburys after work though- anything I should definately pop in my trolley? Other than scales so I can actually weigh myself!

Does anybody else follow the plan without joining a class? I aim to when I have a car again but just can't get there in the meantime.

I'm hoping this thread - if i keep it updated - might be some motivation so thanks in advance!

(also I am online on my phone till the OH sorts our Internet out so please bear with me if I end up in wrong sections or ignoring posts- it's not so easy to navigate!)

Yelow Ribbon - nervous newbie!!
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Hey and welcome!

I'm doing SW but go to a class. I too had toast for brekkie. I usually have fruit and yoghurt but saw the lovely fresh bread in the cupboard and had that instead! Its all gone now so back to yog and fruit for the rest of the week.

As for your trip to Sainsburys - I like to have fat free yog, fresh raspberries, chicken breasts and onions and mushrooms and pasta as my basics each week.
Thanks for posting :)

work is going to be the hardest part, I'm a nursery nurse and find myself joining the kids for their meals and snacks- going to have to bring mountains of fruit salad I think!!
Very glad to find I can eat lots of pasta, I live on the stuff anyway so just sauces I need to change!

Thanks! So do I!
Day 1
toast with extra light flora= 9
pasta, tuna and sweet corn with extra light Mayo =1
jacket potato with egg Mayo, extra light of course = 1.5

fruit and ff yog for pudding

this might not be too hard! Fingers crossed!
Well done, sounds like a good SW first day. Heres to a good first week!


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Heya, I know nothing about SW, but good luck with it all babes!
Must be tough surrounded by kids and all of their yummy food.
Hope that everything goes well.
Best wishes.
Thankyou all for the encouragement.
Today was potentially harder as was spending the day with a friend who is moving away Thursday- so he chose where we had lunch. Luckily there were jackets on the menu! The one that looked best for plan was chicken, BBQ sauce and cheese. I figure cheese as HE, the BBQ sauce + oil chicken was cooked in shouldn't be any more than the daily allowance, can it?!

Stuck to diet coke instead of beer too- quite proud of that!

(other food today = mullerlight, grapes, strawberries, banana & low fat supernoodles, alpen light bars)

I did buy some scales too but only cheap ones, false economy I think as depending on how I stand I can alter my weight by a stone... Lol. Maybe just go by how loose my Clothes feel!!
And yeah, yesterday the kids had cheese on toast- that was tough!!
Oooh I love cheese on toast! That was a good swerve! Well done.

As for the food, yes I reckon that will about be on plan. I dont stick religiously to 15 syns a day nor do I only eat 28 grams of cheese as my heathly extra on most days. I mean come on, 28 grams?! Yes I know it looks more when grated but even so.:D

How about measuring loss by inches?


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Aw you did great eating out, that's always the hardest thing to deal with!
Carry on hun, you're doing great :)
Thanks ladies. Not been able to get online last few days but have been having same sort of snacks and stuff so I'm pleased with myself. Had honey lime and chilli salmon one night- it's beautiful! If you haven't tried it already, do!

Annoyed with myself I couldn't get on here though, kept intending to log what I'd eaten when I got online and now I can't remember so should have just written it down!

Yesterday was a write off, god knows how many pints of lager, but it was a football away day, normally I'd have done that AND eaten crap and drank lager the rest of the week too so I'm not going to beat myself up about it, just get back on plan today.


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Oh that salmon sounds lush!

You should keep a food diary just in a small notepad or something. I'm the same, I have to write it down literally as I'm eating it or I've totally forgotten, lol.

Well done for resisting the urge to carry on the binge. One day of naughtiness in the whole scheme of things is nothing, and everyone needs a day off!
Slimming World allows for naughty days with their flexi-synning.

It is designed so you can have more syns on days when you are eating out/having friends over/whatever but the idea is you follow the plan the rest of the time and thus dont go completely off track.

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