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  1. Miss Justina

    Miss Justina Member

    I have lurked for a while but its time to get started properly!! Shame I am a complete technophobe and have no idea what I am doing!!

    Seem to have posted all over the place and then cant answer messages or find my posts again!! Hopefully it will get better with time!!! :))

    I am starting off with 24lbs to lose. My first goal is 10lbs by 24th November and the rest as it happens!! Living abroad makes it a bit more difficult as its harder to get the WW things, but with my trusty calculator and basics book I aim to be 99% 100% of the time!!

    Oh and I am trying to exercise 4 times a week with cross training and the Wii "Just Dance".

    Thanks everyone for all your inspirational posts and good luck with all our weight loss journeys.

    J x x
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  3. missybct

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    Hey! Welcome to the forums, it is a bit complicated finding out where to post, but you're here now :)

  4. size102b

    size102b Banned

    Hi welcome if you click on User CP in the top left hand corner it will take you to posts you have made and replied too.
    Good luck for the weightloss xx
  5. Miss Justina

    Miss Justina Member

    Hey everyone!! Thank you for your posts and support!!

    Size 10 to be - thank you for the top tip!! And you look amazing!! You're such an inspiration!!

    NAJH - We live in the United Arab Emirates (at the moment!) Just leaving summer (thankfully!!) as its been sooooo hot!! About 34 degrees at the moment and humidity at 70% !!!
  6. Miss Justina

    Miss Justina Member

    OK, so today I started with lots of enthusiasm and it seems to be going ok!! Started with (all points approx as working from a VERY old book!!!):

    Piece of toast and bovril (no butter) (1)
    Two apples as snacks (1)
    Miss J's mixture (chopped tomato, celery, carrot, peppers, herbs)(0)
    Slice Bread with teaspoon of peanut butter/jam mix (2)
    Jacket potato (very large!!) and small tin Baked beans (5.5)
    Summer Fruit juice with water (2)
    Coffee (no sugar or milk) (0)
    Water (0)
    Three glasses of wine (3 hours ahead of the uK so it is ok!!) (6.5)
    I am putting this at approx
    18 points

    Any comments or guidance as to what I am pointing wrongly (as I say very old book!!!) would be much appreciated!! Oh and my weigh in day in Sunday as its the start of our week!!! :))
  7. pinkyfluff

    pinkyfluff Grappling with life

    slimming world
    Just wanted to say welcome to our little corner of the web!

  8. size102b

    size102b Banned

    Could you not buy a new one from eBay?If I had one I'd send you it but I've only got mine. I get a new one every year on eBay as I do it at home.
    Well done your doing well xx thanx for the compliment I've still got 4 stone to go so will be trying toblise it for at least another year x
  9. Miss Justina

    Miss Justina Member

    Just wanted to say welcome to our little corner of the web!

    Fresh start 10/10/10

    Thank you!!! Look forward to nattering to you over our weightloss journey!!! Cool start date 10/10/10!!!!!!

  10. Miss Justina

    Miss Justina Member

    Size102b I did think of ebay but to be honest there's a couple of reasons why not: a) I am a wuss and a bit nervous of ebay!!! b) we're overseas and post takes forever and day to arrive (if ever)!! I think I'll wait till we come back to the UK for a holiday and have a go at finding one then - in the mean time, I shall probably be a bit of a pest with all my questions to you lovely people!!! x x x :)
  11. Rainyday

    Rainyday Full Member

    Hi, welcome to the club. Everyone is very friendly and very helpful around here. All the best with your goals.
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