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Hi Everyone :)


Wannabe Lean!!!
I joined here back in Jan and then never really got into it. :rolleyes:

My current weight is 10st 7lb, when I started my massive weight loss splurge back in Dec 2006 I was almost 15st, so I know I've done good so far.

Trouble is in Feb this year I was down as low as 9st 4lb, then came off the strictness for 'just one weekend' and its never ended.

I yo-yo up and down between 10 and 11 stone but really want to finally get down to 8st 7lb. On Monday this week I was 10st 10lb so I've already lost 3lb just from knocking the sugary latte's and sandwiches for lunch on the head.

I don't want to go back on Cambridge or a VLCD, I'm not blaming those kinds of diet but my head isn't right for them-they gave me some unhealthy feelings about food and I almost saw it as the enemy for so long, then ate and ate and ate as soon as I gave myself a green light.

So at the moment I'm in between jobs (waiting for new one to start in September) and I though 'wouldn't it be great to get back into my lovely size 8 grey suit trousers' :rolleyes:. (Its all about the clothes hahahaha!).

I'm eating sensibly and healthily and only until I feel like its enough, rather than until I need to sleep I'm so full.
I just hope it works this time and that I'm not looking at myself in another few months wondering why I didn't give myself a kick in the butt when I had the perfect opportunity.

So what I'm doing is I've cut out sugar, white bread, caffeine, high carbs (aside from Brown Rice and New Pots) and Im shoving as much fresh stuff down my neck as possible, and lots of white meat and fish.

As long as I don't end up living on Hummous and Ryvita like I usually do when dieting I'll be happy :D

Anyway, thats me, nice to meet you all properly and I look forward to getting to know you all now you know a bit about me.

Rela x x
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is going to loose!
Hi Rela,
Welcome back!

Most people on here start a diary, it's a really good idea and people always pop in and say hello.

Welcome back - you seem to have made a good start already! x


Wannabe Lean!!!
Thanks for the welcome :)

Now I know I've somewhere to come and chat about how tough I may find the bad days it should help lots.

x x


Silver Member
Hi Rela, that sounds a very sensible way to do it. Especially the eating until you've had enough rather than until you're stuffed, which is what most of us on here were doing before starting our weight loss journeys! Good luck, I'm sure you'll get the pounds off and keep them off with that attitude.


Wannabe Lean!!!
I'm 5ft 1", so I'm aiming for 8st 7lb (119lb) even though the BMI calculators all tell me 108lbs is my ideal weight, I think I'd look ill if I was that size (thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it LOL).


Wannabe Lean!!!
Oh and I quit smoking on 27th July so its a struggle to diet too, but I'm a tough 'un and will hopefully manage!! LOL

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