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Hi everyone

Hey there.
This is my first ever post on here, and probably if im being honest the first time in my life that i will admit i have a big problem with food.
Kind of like an alcoholic at their first ever AA meeting I will tell you all a little about myself and eagerly await any advice you guys can offer me!
Well i turned 21 a little before christmas and ever since i can remember I have been at least 'a little' overweight. When i was 12 i was wearing ladies size 12 clothes, 14 size 14, 16 size 16 and so on. Im now 21 and managed to fit into a pair of 18 jeans for my 21st birthday... this to me was a great achievement since i had found myself buying size 20 gear since last summer.
I have tried unislim, weight watchers, slimming world and the others and the problem is that i am impatient. I do exceptionally well for the first month and then when the weightloss slows down i get fed up and eat, putting all of that months weightloss back on, and then some.
Recently I've been coming on here and reading alot of the success stories and i must say they are truely inspirational. So inspirational in fact that I have got in touch with my local CDC (Northern Ireland) and im waiting for GP forms to be posted out. I know my lack of will power has let me down in the past, but this time im going to do it.
I have a holiday booked for 27th August to portugal, just me and my annoyingly slim other half and i am determined to be buying a size 12 bikini to bring with me.
Sorry if i've rattled on, but i think i've just made the first big step and that is admitting that it's about time I got rid of my Gut!!
thanks for listening! lol

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not for long hopefully
Hey you
You have made a big step by contacting your local CDC, nice one.
CD is hard but you do see the results quickly, I can vouch for that.
For me, CD is all mind over matter, the first few days are difficult for some, get past that - you will then be well on your way.
If and maybe when, you feel crap or feel that you need to eat, get yourself on here - we will convince you not to!
You have a great target, your hols, now you must decided do you want to go away covering yourself up cos you are embarressed about your size - or do you want to get on CD, and be proud of your body!
Only you can make that decision, but again, you have taken the first step!
I wish you all the luck in the world!
Thanks for the lovely messages guys!
wow @ ure weightloss! ure doing incredibly well, its statistics like yours that give me the kick up the bum i need!
I will definitely be showing off a slimmer physique in portugal
( well i hope so anyway) lol
Well done on taking the first step - like you I had a holiday in September to aim for (when I started in June) and it kept me going......once you get over the first week and the amazing week 1 loss, the momentum just builds - and getting on here in moments of weakness or any other moment LOL, is the best help ever! Good luck!
Oh my goodness, all of you guys have done so well. I can't wait to get started!.
No GP forms yet but hopefully have them out at the beginning of next week. I'll get them signed and returned ASAP and will start as soon as i get the shakes and soups posted out.
How are you all losing so much so quickly? does everyone?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Welcome! :) your CDC will go through it all but there is lots of info here too :)

Weight loss averages 14lb a month but the first month can have a 'boost' at the start, which is great for motivation just don't expect the losses to continue like the first two weeks! lol

Lots to take in I'm sure, but you have indeed found a great diet with great results without taking years. :)

Well done on getting into the 18's.. not long till they'll be falling off you I'm sure! ;)



Crawling to the finish!
hey, welcome and good luck! be sure to pop in here if you ever need some motivation x
im sure i'll need all the help i can get. I think i'll see about joining a team when i get the stuff to start!
It's killing me waiting to start the thing aarrrrgghhh!
Miss Mallow good luck, I lost my weight through LL but it is the same principle as cd vcld do work, my daughter has seen my 7 stone weight loss, she is not as big as I was, others say different, but I wish she would look at it the way you seem determined cos she is young like you, good luck...you can do it...look at others on here who did not think it possible...but have suceeded, I am one x
horseclutter, im sure your daughter will realise in her own time that something needs to be done. My mum recently lost 4 stones herself on slimming world and for the first time ever she is slimmer than i am. I couldn't even be happy for her because i was so jealous!lol
Your right though i am determined this time, watch this space! haha
Oh and if your daughter does decide to give it a go then direct her to this site, i think it would be great to have someone my age to chat to as well!
thanks for the support :) xx
My other daughter a size 10, she only lost weight since she saw me. she lives in Windsor she has 2 kids but she is now obsessed to look thinner than me, which I do worry about, and since my ops she is getting really upset that my boobs look better and my tum looks better than hers.....but as I say to her....hey your better looking lol you haven't got the wrinkles....we will never be happy whatever on the outside but we can be happy on the inside and that is the main thing ...no matter how big or small we are....weight should not become an issue (I know it does) yesterday is history...tomorrow a mystery.....and today is a gift x


taking control (again)
Although we have exchanged a few messages in other threads, I wanted to wish you the very best with your Cambridge journey.

I have been the same with trying to lose weight in the past, I do well for a short time, then the weight loss slows down and I give in. But I too am not going to let that or my lack of will power stop me this time.

Hopefully I'll see you around and we can exchange notes. :patback:

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
im sure i'll need all the help i can get. I think i'll see about joining a team when i get the stuff to start!
It's killing me waiting to start the thing aarrrrgghhh!
Ahmen to that 'killing me'...
have a look at this thread.. a great way of leading into it while you are waiting and I'm sure it'll help you lose a few lbs along the way. :)

I opted for a slimfast week before but have done CD before so know what to expect in the first week. :)
Thanks for the help, Im just healthy(ish) eating this week.ie, no sweets and crisps but I still had a big bowl of stew for dinner. Can't seem to do very well on 'healthy eating plans' hope CD will work for me since I wont have to think about food at all lol

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Miss Mallow, I'm the same! lol hence the reason I'm here.
If you try and follow that plan, or maybe even slimfast if that helps, just so that your limiting your carbs before CD you'll find starting much easier. First time I ever did a low Carb diet boy the headaches and sugar/carb withdrawl were awful! :sigh:

Either way... make sure you drink lots of water and be ready for your body to try to convince you to 'go back' honestly it can play tricks on you, but if you're positive and remember YOU want it, you'll get through week one and it does get easier. :) I often find I'm not even hungry on 3 shakes a day.. I had my last shake as a hot drink last night at 10pm.
drinking the shakes hot is a good idea.
The water is probably where i'll struggle, how much exactly are you supposed to drink? and what happens if you don't? .. I will force myself to do it but I often feel sickly when i drink too much plain water. Perhaps the water flavourers might help? x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Remember to let the kettle go off the boil (cool slightly) before using on your shakes otherwise it ruins all the vitamins etc in there.. but it does work well :)

Water flavourings will likely help, and adding a little extra water to your shakes also as this can count into your daily allowance.
The water expected is 2.25 litres, but some aim for 4... 2.25 is needed to replace the water lost through eating food, to keep you hydrated and flush the fat through.. if you don't drink it, you'll become constipated, have more headaches, become de-hyrdated and not lose weight as fast! ;)

If you imagine that ketosis releases lots of your fat (as it uses it up as fuel) but needs to 'flush' it out of your system... then it becomes easier to remember to have a glass of water every time you have a normal drink, everytime you have a shake and go in the kitchen ;) it's not as hard as you think, I'm not a water lover either. :rolleyes: you are allowed black tea or coffee as well, among others (no citrus).

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