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Hi Everyone

I am new in here but I am glad I found the place where I can share the experience. I mean my friends are very nice and supportive but they are all skinny therefore can't understand what am going thru:confused:.

I started using xenical from yesterday so I am on day 2.

I was wandereing if anyone could give me tips in re breakfast, lunch dinner, snaks or where to look for good ideas.

thanks :p
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Hi i started on tuesday, so at the moment i cant give you any advice really, but i wanted to say i know what you mean about friends not understanding what your going through, mine are all skinny and think im fine the way that i am and i dont need to lose weight etc etc, but i am overweight and also felt i needed the extra support. So good luck and i hope we can do it lol
Hi Hana and :welcome2:

This site is amazing and its the best thing to come on here regularly for feedback and help each other.

I tend to have cereal and semi-skimmed milk for breakfast, a banana or other piece of fruit as morning snack.
Lunch - I have a ham salad sandwich with es light philadelphia instead of marg/butter and another couple of bits of fruit
Dinner - I sometimes have low sausage in yorshire pudding, veg and mash...mashed with low fat creme fraiche or dry mashed
chicken/turkey stir fry with lots of veg,noodles,beanspprouts,garlic,chilli and ginger
Venison grillsteak and chips made with chipped potato that has been boiled for 10 mins ,drained, left to cool and placed on baking sheet and sprayed with fry light and baked in the oven till crispy.

Good luck with it :)
A very warm welcome to you................
I'd advise you to have a good read through some of the other posts on this sub forum and you will pick up loads of tips. Wishing you a successful journey x


gunna be a fatty for ever
i am also new to this, ive been on xenical for 4 months but im also lookin for a diet buddy if u fancy having one! im 16 st 24 and have 2 chidren one is 3 the other is 1 and both girls, i work full time and dont have much time for exercise!!!

Let me knw if u wanna chat and good luck with your weight loss!!

love katie x x x x
Hi Katie, diet buddy is really good idea, I am 31, no kids and 14.33 stones. I dont like my body right now at all but I am going to. I mean I really want to loose all that weight I carry.:scale:


gunna be a fatty for ever
it wont let me add yu and to be honest i dont really know what i am doing!! some one told me if u had 20 or more posts you have more rights so i will keep tryin to add you to me contacts!!

Hello and welcome!! This site is brilliant and full of info.

I started with Xenical a little over 8 weeks ago and have lost 18lbs so far. I do keep to a very low fat diet 5 grams fat per 100g. I tend to have either Weetebix with semi skimmed milk for breakfast OR blackberries, strawberries and apples chopped up and an Activia Intensely Creamy yoghurt over the top! Lunch is normally salad with a baked potato with Kraft Lite salad dressing and Dinner well thats normally what the family is having but I have it on a side plate for portion control (I dont cook with Oil or Butter but I do use the Bertolli Olive Oil spray sometimes). My family have had to go with the flow so to speak and even they are noticing a difference in themselves as they are all eating very low fat too!! I normally have fruit in between if I am peckish!!

I tend to either walk the dogs or do my Wii fitness for exercise which seems to work well.........not so much last month as have had a stinking cold and havent wanted to get my backside off the sofa but I still lost a pound a week (4lbs at weigh in) As long as I am loosing I am happy!!!

All the best of luck and hope to catch up again :)

o wow Annie, that is fantastic. my another problem is controling the portion so I have to work on that. so far I am ok with 5/100 rule and no side effectsc:) I hope I will not have any tomorrow as I am taking an exam. how big is your side plate? that might be a good idea.
My side plate is 17cm x 20cm (rectangular plate) and I dont over fill it. Tonight we had a roast dinner and I have one small piece of beef, bout 4 tiny quarters of roast potato (sprayed with olive oil to cook) and peas and carrots with a tablespoon of gravy! and I always take my pill before I eat and try and have half a pint of water so you feel full before you start and normally thats more than enuff for me now!!

I have not had an accident yet!! I think the key is defo sticking to the 5/100g rule :)

haha I'd better go and buy myself a new plate coz all my plates are much bigger. I have to do it coz I really want to loose weight and I think that is a last problem I have. and I am also about to buy exercise bike. I do have a gym membership but I dont really go there so I might cancel that.
I had the Wii but I gave it to my sister coz she loved it so much and that is the way I am, if anyone in my family likes something I will give it to them :) I love them too much.

but I totally understand you when it comes to good food, I seem to eat and eat and eat lot of it and that is why I ma getting a new plate:)

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