Hi, first day on CD SS so just wanted to say hello!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Kimba_soontobeslim, 30 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. Kimba_soontobeslim

    Kimba_soontobeslim Full Member


    Having had my eye on this forum for a while now and watched all of your inspiring weight losses..... I've finally decided to join you all on CD, so just wanted to say hello really! :) I've got about 3.5-4 stone to lose and have literally tried everything else going.....but this is my first time on CD.....I didn't even know it existed before a few months ago!

    So here we go....Day 1 on SS.....I had a hot chocolate shake for breakfast......which was surprisingly (and unexpectedly!) nice and I'm on my 3rd pint of water so far.........so all in all I'm feeling great and I could not be more motivated!!! Every time I think about how it will feel to be slim, it makes me beam from ear to ear.....and for the first time in a while, I actually have faith that I will achieve it!

    You are all doing so well and have really motivated me to do this, so keep up the good work.......if or actually no, when I succeed on CD and reach goal....I will have a lot to thank you all for......so if you are flaking just remember newbees like me who you have inspired to join you! Hopefully in a few months I can inspire someone too! :) :) :)

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  3. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    Welcome to minimins and CD hun. I'm restarting and it's my day 1 too. Also got about 3.5 - 4st to lose :)

    Please please please believe me when i say that the first time is your golden time. Stick to the plan, if you wobble then come and find a CDer on the forum as they will have experienced a wobble and cn help you through it.

    Good luck :) xxx
  4. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    Welcome to Minimins & wishing you every success on your CD journey x
  5. Sarette

    Sarette Gold Member

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    Cambridge Weight Plan
    Welcome and good luck with your CD journey! xx
  6. Kimba_soontobeslim

    Kimba_soontobeslim Full Member

    Thanks! :)

    Funny you should say that blue_grapefruit, but I always felt that way with weight watchers......the first time I did it I did brilliantly, but I'd fall off the wagon, get back on, fall off etc etc and every time it got harder and harder and I only wished I could have gone back to the first time and just seen it through! So I will absolutely take your advice and use this as my chance to go back to that 'first time'......so really appreciate you mentioning it!

    Best of luck to you both too! :)

  7. blue_grapefruit

    blue_grapefruit Gold Member

    The reason i mention it is cos i would have been at goal months ago if i had stuck to it - tres annoying!

    Never mind eh, will get to goal this time :) xxxxxxxxxx
  8. emmadebra

    emmadebra Full Member


    It's my first day too.

    You are doing better than me.

    Only had a few sips of the chocolate mint shake this morning, although due to lump bits (thanks all for your advice, will def get a hand blender!).

    Got Vegtable soup for lunch, wonder what that's going to taste like!

    I need to loose 3 stone to get to my own 12 stone target (my Daughter is 2 and i did lose the baby weight but over the past few years it's all gone back on) although hope I can loose a bit extra!

  9. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Silver Member

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    Hi Kimba and welcome. Good luck with your CD journey
  10. Kimba_soontobeslim

    Kimba_soontobeslim Full Member

    Hi Emma,

    Your lumpy shake must be down to the lack of blending as mine wasn't lumpy at all.....it actually surprised me how nice it was....I had mine hot too which probably helped with disolving it... But i know what you mean because a few years ago I decided to do slim fast and made up a shake and it was horrific and lumpy.....I never gave it another chance because I knew I could never stomach it like that, it went straight in the bin......yet actually thinking about it, it was probably all in the way I made it! Your next one is bound to be a massive improvement! Best of luck!!

    Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming! :)

  11. Krissybaby

    Krissybaby Full Member

    Slimming World
    Hi Kimba

    I am on day 3 and getting on OK so far. On my own scales I'm down 4 1/2 so far so that is spurring me on. I have about 3.5-4 stone to lose too so we are in the same boat.

    Good luck with your weightloss. It'll be soooo worth it!!
  12. GaynorEm

    GaynorEm Proper Little Madam

    Welcome X X

    Good luck on your CD journey...this board is fabulous for support if your flagging...so visit regularly.

    See you around the boards X X
  13. GaynorEm

    GaynorEm Proper Little Madam

    WEll actually...it's fab for support if you're not flagging and are feeling fabulous too...lol. :D
  14. toot-toot2

    toot-toot2 Member

    Good luck and hello to everyone! Can I join in? I'm on day 2 and feeling really positive even moreso with all your support. I've got 3st to loose and I'm determined:whip:
  15. LENNY4974

    LENNY4974 Silver Member

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    Hello and welcome:D

    Good luck with your cd journey - the first week is the toughest but if you can get through that you will be flying:)
  16. kimmie

    kimmie Full Member

    weight watchers points
    kimba soon to be slim, just thought id introduce myself because i am kimba! lol! nice to meet u anyway! welcome to the addictive minimins xxx
  17. xKimmiex

    xKimmiex Silver Member

    hey kimba, im on day 8. and have had such a rough week with cold/flu lol. But please just try your hardest at this diet and u will have sucess.Look at my weightloss this week! and ive tried EVERY diet going. Good luck and stick to this website,helps loads!
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  19. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    hi kimba,

    welcome to mini's. best of luck with your cd journey. :)

    becky xx

    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

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    CD ss+
    Hi There,i Just Want To Say Welcome To Cd And Welcome To The Best Support Forum On The Planet,
    Elaine X
  21. fatgirlslim76

    fatgirlslim76 Full Member

    gud/luck wit the diet hope all go's well 4 ya.xxx
  22. Kimba_soontobeslim

    Kimba_soontobeslim Full Member

    Wow! thanks for all the support! :)

    Kimmie - 18lbs - that is amazing! Well done! Very inspirational!

    Good luck to all of you too!

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