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Hi Folks


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Hi. I've just came across this site. I've been on weightwatchers now for about 16 weeks and was up down and up down and only had lost a total of half a pound since starting. Can't blame anybody but myself. Leader and group are all really nice. Anyway I said this is no use. And in the last two weeks i've lost 4 pounds. Which I am quite pleased about. But I just need to keep going!
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Well done for sticking to it. I am currently on Slimming World plan and am really enjoying it.

I'm sure you'll find lots of support and handy hints here to keep you on track.

Good luck!


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Thanks. You're doing really well. I did try slimming world and lost a stone but that took me nearly a year. My own fault. But that was a couple of years ago. I thought I'd give weightwatchers a try for a change with this new pro points. But i've not really been in the right frame of mind to get going yet so don't suppose any diet wouldhave worked till I got myself geared up enough to actually stick to it!


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Hi Mspiggy. I've decided a pound at a time. Good luck to you too. I think I'm feeling more positive than I have for ages!


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hi mary

you must have started ww about the same time as me. good luck with your weight loss journey, i think propoints is great and is the best diet i've ever done. this website really helps too!


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Hi Elaine, I like the propoints too. It's so flexible. And if I have something I shouldn't well I just have to work out the points and write it down. Seeing it written down makes me a bit less likely to do the same thing again. And it's stopped me saying well I've had that cake or whatever so might as well give up the diet for today or even well I'll start again next week or even next month!! But it's taken me a long time to get to this stage. You're doing really well. I was hopeless till I started writing things down.


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Four pounds in two weeks is not bad! I have been reading a lot of articles about weight loss program, they say they lost 15 lbs in one week or even more than that. I'm not sure, though, if they're true. Lol. Ms Piggy is right, a pound a time is really realistic and very achievable.


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15 pounds in a week!!?? my curvy bum ! that cant be healthy. I could maybe manage that if i got one of my bingo wings amputated.


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Wishing you lots of luck! A healthy weight loss of 1-2lbs is what's recommended, loosing extreme weight can cause serious problems with the liver.. welcome to the forum :)

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