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Hi from a lurker

I thought I should finally stop lurking and say Hi!

I've been reading for the last few weeks and started Exante Total on Friday. Did actually eat (and not nice healthy stuff either!) on Saturday night to celebrate a bit of good news with DH...figured it was better to have that takeaway that I had planned for my "last meal" on Thursday (but didn't manage to get) early on instead of craving and caving later and it knocking me out of ketosis (wasn't that nice either so doubt I will be tempted again!)

Otherwise been 100% and not finding it too bad - even though I work from home and am here all day with 3 little ones so am constantly around food!!

Am hoping to lose 10 stone, possibly a bit more, so am in this long term...but the thought of being a Sz 12/14 (haven't been a Sz 14 for 11 years and that was the slimmest I can remember being in my adult life!) is just soooo exciting. I have a family wedding in 10 weeks and in my wildest dreams am hoping to fit in a Sz 20 dress. I'm a Sz 24 atm so might be optimistic but it's something to aim for in the short term :) (and my scales are showing a loss of around 9lbs since my initial weigh in on Friday so at least I know things are working!)

Look forward to getting to know you all!!
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Welcome thentherewasme, it is very good to have you join our merry band. You will find this forum very motiving and ispirational, we are all in this together and share every day. Good luck and I ceratinly am looking to sharing in your journey
heya welcome to the forum..and wish u all the best on your journey..i am sure you will do just fine...and we are all here to support each other

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
Hello! I lurked too.. for ages before I even signed up.. hehhe I think it was the lurking that gave me the confidence to decide to make a firm step onto the path of becoming FLA_OU_LESS..
Welcome Welcome and wave! I found once I got over my nerves and wrote my first forum post, it was like signing the deal, a fresh start!

Well done on the 9lb! that really is amazing.. and to prove it I shall get 'Jim' out.. I love 'Jim' (hope you can see him :S not sure if you have to do some set number of posts first)

You have already lost 9 Jims! heheh I always find a visual is better for me than numbers, even on the scales, as I think our bodies can change so much even before the numbers count down.

It is great to have you joining us little lot.. a fair few of us are here for the long haul too :D certainly me.. So I will really look forward to seeing you on the forums...I want to lose about 10 stone or just under too.. I am still a little undecided, I think I will let my body and how I feel looking in the mirror govern it more than the 'normal' charts. I think I want to hold onto my curves.. or at least get a man to hold onto them for me ;) (mine says I should be 6 and a half to 7 stone)

I am sure by the time of the wedding you will be looking glowing... not only from the weight loss but from the confidence which grows from being in control of our bodies again xx

It is hard being around a kitchen with food.. and smells and the colours of foods.. but it does ease I promise.. heheh I am about to go cook a big meal for the house, and I know my tummy has now been beaten into submission so I won't drool or dribble.

Any time you need one of us, during the day or night, there is usually one of us lurking about the forums too.. you aren't alone anymore with your temptations heheh poor poor you!

Making the first step is the hardest and you should be so proud you already have!.... Just think of that shopping trip closer to the wedding hehe...its a great goal to have.
Aw thanks for the warm welcome :) (and PMP that I don't recognise my own username on here - that'll teach me for using a different one to my usual!)

I have to say it was definately reading here that persuaded me that I could give it a go. I know someone who has lost huge amounts on Exante and that started me googling and led me here...even before I posted the support and advise here has helped me tremendously.

I decided this year was the time to finally stop moaning about my weight (generally whilst nibbling on cake!) and change myself for the better...the extra weight is a constant reminder of a rather naff decade and I want to finally be able to live my life feeling self confident and happy, without my weight having an impact on my life.

I already have the dress I want to wear - poor sad thing has been hanging in my wardrobe for the last 3 years (I was actually a Sz 20 when I brought it but was pregnant with No 3 before long and a Sz 20 seems a rather distant memory now!!) So it's there as a constant (and pretty!) reminder of my goal..although I will be needing to shop for new shoes ;)

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
you are very much already part of the exante team now hhehe

I heard i rumour that feet can shrink on a diet... I am a little worried mine are only size 3!


You will be a princess and you will go to the ball and you will wear that dress! xxx Hang it on the front of the wardrobe, so you have to answer to it hehe as a motivator on a tough day.

It is so nice to have someone else on the same journey :D I think you sum up very much, and so nicely,, what a few of us think.. wanting the weight to no longer impact or limit us

we can all do this.

Grab a tape measure for those weigh ins that might be slower than wished for.. seeing the inches fall away is such a boost.. and it is those pesky inches that make us have to squeeze into clothes.. I really want to be able to wear a dress.. I think you have given me a new mini goal xx thank you.. (I cant stand my belly in a dress)


is slowly shrinking
welcome ttwm can';t be bothered to write it all lol. you are welcome and our group is growing by the day. the more the merrier. lets hope you are on track again then, but don;t worry if u slip, we are all human and we will all support your ups and downs.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
ohhhh I wil need little elves and pixies to sew me some shoes quak! heheh and thank you xxx

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
sweetest dreams :D and don't fret xx
Night night and will keep everything crossed that the scales show you a nice loss tomorrow x

Ooo and yep to feet shrinking....I lost a few stone way back when I was 18/19 and went down from a Sz 7 to a Sz 5.5/6. Have noticed of late that I'm creeping back into a Sz 7 shoe again and can no longer blame fat pregnant feet (well, haven't been able to blame anything on pregnancy for almost 2 years now!!) so hopefully the new slimmer me will have slimmer feet again as well...not that it matters when you live in Birki's!!
Scales are showing a 10.6lb loss this morning (and why, oh why am I weighing myself daily?! Bah will resist temptation until my 1st week weigh in on Friday morning now) so am still happy!!

I am really surprised that I am not craving sugar - I had a huge issues with cakes/biscuits and chocolate and strangely have not missed them one jot. A huge bonus for me and I feel so positive about the future as well.

Had a rather delicious vanilla shake with ice in earlier, amazingly refreshing and filling :)

Last night I felt a bit down, usual loneliness of having a hubeast that works up to 16 hour days and those evening can be a killer. But I survived without binging or snacking, and as a bonus got more of my knitting done (<---am a crafty kind of gal and my current love is knitting!!) Keeps my hands busy and my mind off food!

Have a coffee date with 2 close friends next Friday - hoping they will notice a difference and that I can survive without succumbing to the cake that I know will be there (You know - I will, because a new me is worth much more than the fleeting enjoyment a slice of cake brings!)
Hi Nyree, If you want to weigh yourself every day then do it, just be prepared for the day when it slows down and you lose nothing, you cannot let that get you down. Says a man who weighed himself twice a day and sacked my scales, left it for 3 days and returned to weighing everyday. Not done me any harm. You should have joined us on the forum last night, we had a nice little threesome, learnt a bit about each other and kept our minds off the food. I am sure every night there will be different people on the forum each night and we are all here for each other


reaching my goal
Im new to exante started today , ive not done anything like this before so im a little nervous about weather or not i can do this , but im going to give it my best ! Im sick of carrying this burden on my mind and body its time to rid the fat and get healthy. I will weight myself every wendsday . good luck to everyone !

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