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hi guys, any room??

hi, first off congrats to all you pregnant beautiful ladies and new gorgeous mummys! i am a mum of 6 and have just done a test as i FELT pregnant(due on tomoz) and it was a faint positive!! im so scared! i have been on lipotrim for the last 10 days and am hoping i havent caused any harm!!!! :cry: any advice or support would be sooooo appreciated at this time, love and hugs xxxx
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Aww hun I'm sure you won't have caused harm, I was on Cambridge Diet which is similar and my CDC was really good in reassuring me it is the VLCD status that cannot support a pregnancy throughout, if we stuck to the diet and were pregnant the lack of calories wouldn't hurt baby but would hurt us as baby would take more than we were taking in a day by far.

Hope you know what I mean!

Congratulations on baby No.7!! You'll be our resident expert! lol

Lots of room for more, I think we've all created a baby boom as it was very quiet when I first started coming in here! ;)
congrats hun on your news, im sure you'll be fine and not done any harm. i just found out yesterday i was expecting again and have found everyone in this section fab and great support. :)
thankyou so much for the support, im gonna do another test on monday to double check cos this one was faint! have any of you had leaking nipples this early on?? my boob has been very sore and has now started to leak!!!! (confused)!!!! best wishes xxxxxx
no not leaking but they are sore and tender, i can also see the vains on them more, oh the joys of pregnancy, haha. its the sickness thats getting me i just feel sick all the time.

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I have had nausea since before my AF was due, thought it had gone but it was back yesterday.
I don't get leaking breasts to be honest, even when I had my daughter I never did. She didn't take to breast feeding either so I don't think I produce well. Will have to see how things go with this one.

Pregnancy sure doesn't bring much dignity, but it does bring joy! lol


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PH I thought your nausea would come back ;) Same happened to me at 7 weeks, it stopped for 2-3 days then came back with avengeance!

No leaky boobs, but gunky ones, like they are clearing out if that makes sense?
hi guys, im lucky to have never had morning sickness! i have never had my boobs leak this early on either but hey first time for everything!! hope all is well for everyone xxxxxxx:hug99:

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S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
never say never on the nausea! ;) lol And yes Shell should've known better shouldn't I! lol
hi all. i did a test this morning and there is no doubt that i am pregnant! nice big bright blue line! lol, im so upset because my OH doesnt want this baby! :cry: he didnt want the last one either but loves him now!!! i actually think he might leave me over it tho, he says he cant cope, and that its not fair on my other kids cos of being in a 3 bed house and having no money!!! i feel like crying but i need to keep myself together cos i have 6 wonderful kids to care for!! hope all is well with everyone? xxxxx :gen126:
aww no hun, do you think he might be ok once he gets used to the idea? remind him it takes more than the woman to make a child, hopefully he'll come round to the idea. ((hugs)) how do you feel about being pregnant again?
hopefully he will be ok, he is worried about housing and money!! he was ok once my last one arrived. i am really happy about having another baby, i wanted more anyway !!!!! thanx hun xxx<div><a target=_blank href=http://www.pregnology.com/pregnancy/01/17/2010><img border=0 width=450 height=185 src='http://www.pregnology.com/preggoticker2/FFCC33/FF0099/Bekkis pregnancy/01/17/2010.png' alt='Pregnancy ticker'></a><br><a style=font-size:9pt;color:#444444 target=_blank href=http://www.pregnology.com>Make a pregnancy ticker</a></div>
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Oh Bekki, I'm sorry I'm late getting to your news. Congratulations on your pregnancy BFP but I'm so sorry to hear about your hubbies reaction.
I really hope the shock eases and that all settles. Do you own your own home? Is it an option to approach your council as I know that sometimes they can help with housing with a view to your selling your home to them, and perhaps this would work as a way to increase your house size.
It's such a worrying time these days financially, but we need to remember that in days gone by a 3 bedroom house with 7 children would have been seen to be luxury :).
hi ph, no we rent our home and are 3 months in arrears! housing benefit are dragging their heels with the payments too which doesnt help!!! thanx for the support, i know i can get through this but need all the support i can get!!! love to u all xxx

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S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
really hope that they sort something for you soon. Could you speak to the local housing officer to see if they can get you on the list for a bigger place or council if you're private?
We are council tenants and I know it's really not easy but with so many of you they have to take it seriously, you are drastically underhoused and if your family fell apart because of that they local authority would be picking up the pieces. I'm a foster carer and have seen it all to often with families who just can't cope.
Please don't think i'm saying this about you, but it's a tool to use when asking for housing. ((Hugs)) Be honest with them if things are tough you need to get on their nerves about it! lol Even a letter from your GP about the stress you are under etc could help.

Don't forget to apply for benefits you are entitled to, child tax credit, there is a healthy eating grant - from 23 weeks - i'll post a liink for that. And chase that housing benefit!! lol it's really not easy but we have to be blooming stubborn sometimes in life.
thanx ph, u r a star, we private rent but are on the council list and still have very little points!!!!!! i have to get to about 3 months before they accept that i am having a baby but i know i can get it all sorted!! its my oh that cant cope bless him!! i could live in a caravan with my kids and cope fine if i had to!! lol. i dont know why but we always listen to what other people think of us and its silly really cos we should be able to do wat we like without other peoples consent!!!! how are you doing?? xxx

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Loves weight.. training!
S: 13st5.5lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st6.5lb(3.47%)
You are right about listening to other people, really is one of those things we're guilty of, I know I am. :) Times have changed to the point that people are normally over housed. We foster in a 3 bed house, and if I've been asked once I've been asked 20 times if we'll stop now that we are having a baby. If baby is a girl then Yes I'll have 3 girls in one room, and it's not ideal, but it's not terrible either, my two girls have the biggest room in the house as they're sharing, so adding another wouldn't be terrible. Only thing I'd feel guilty about is if it's still like that in 5 years or so as my eldest would be 15 sharing with a 10 year old and 5 year old. But again.. in generations gone by it wouldn't be thought of twice.

Glad you are on the list for housing and that baby will add points in time. :) Hope your OH comes around to settling in to it all. :) I'm sure he will as you sound happy. :)

Gosh I've gone on! lol

me.. thankfully fine - tired as anything, just back from college and shattered again! lol wouldn't think I slept for an hour at lunch time! lol
thanx hun, i dont feel very happy i just feel soo bloody stressed about it because of him!!! i really hope he comes round but we had an arguement today about it!! it seems im the only one who is happy about it! i really do feel alone right now!! glad u r well xx

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