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hi guys, im back


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havent been for a while i know :(
been really busy workin all the time, still got a week and a half till next weigh in but ill let you know ow i get on

ive just ran 1.6 miles on the tredmill, burned 200 calories, but now feel sick and very faint, maybe this was a bad idea?

im just getting restless now, feel like i have tonns of energy and felt like doing some exercise

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Hiya tegzy!

You are doing so well keeping motivated with having to wait in between weigh-ins. And your weight loss so far is really brilliant - congratulations. You'll be at goal before you know it!

Well done on the exercising too - i guess little and often (like with the water drinking, lol!) is the best way to do it, so you do enough but don't knacker yourself out :) have some water should help feeling sick/faint :)


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Hi Tegzy

Always nice to hear from you! Oh, just be careful though, dont want you to do yourself an injury.

Well, someone posted the other day about exercise and LT told her that she is ok to exercise (which is different to what we all thought)...so, slowly having to re-adjust to this bit of info. If you feel ok then should be fine but just watch you dont faint or go too dizzy....

I know what you mean about being impatient; I get like that too.

You sound as though you are doing really well, roll on week and a half - eh!

Again, good to hear from you and have a lovely weekend...dont work too hard!

Take care
hi Tegzy!!

glad to see your still going, well done on the exercise! i often feel incredibly dizzy if i do too much too. passes quickly i find tho.

good luck on the next weigh in! xxx


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Hey! Glad to see you still around!

How about an exercise not so 'cardio ish' - like a walk or something - its just cuz you're taking in so little calories your body is probably thinking uh oh now shes guna burn it all off. on tfr your only on 420calories a day and you just burnt off almost half of that which is what your body needs.

Anyways, glad to see you are still going strong, only a week and a half till your weigh in, how long will have been since your last one?x


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ill have gone 3 weeks.
then after next weigh in i only have 3 weeks left on lipotrim before re-feeding for my holiday :)

im super excited, think ill return to slimming world after my holiday and take up exercise.

ive already started the power plates and hope to start swimming again soon :)

i'm also making an attempt to stop smoking :)

new me here i come!! :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Hey Tegzy!!

Good to hear you doing well!!

How are you getting on without weigh ins? xxxx


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Hi Tegzy,
well done to date to keep this up without the weekly weigh in must be hard but you prove it is doable, good for you. Hope you sort out the exercise and don't burn yourself out, take it carefully. If you can stop the cigarettes at all it will be a huge boost to your system, just look at what you achieved on here with food, perhaps post a daily ticker for cigarettes and mark it off, 21 days is all you need to break the habit, I have been nicotine free for over 3 years I feel better off them than on. Wishing you all the luck with it.

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