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Hi Guys

Hi, I'm Claire and I have my first appt with a CDC tomorrow!! I'm very excited about getting going.

Apart from the obvious thing of wanting to look and feel good, the possibility of an operation has stuck a foot well and truly up my a**e!!

Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing the journey with you. Did try Atkins but not for me :sigh:.

Will add my weight etc tomorrow after I've been.


Claire x
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Hello Claire,

Welcome and good luck to losing the weight, we are all in the same boat so if you need any help or advice just ask and we will be more than pleased to help. :wavey:
hi Claire good luck hunny you will be fine I am back on SS to get rid of my last bit so we are all in the same boat.
Thanks a lot. I'm reading all your stories and I'm very inspired ;).

Quick question - how much money should I take. I'm hoping to do SS and will she sell things like shakers there to make them up?? Probably silly I know but want to bee WELL prepared (LOL).

Thanks Guys x


Going for Goal!
If you are going to buy a shaker I would take £50. This will pay for your 1st week supply of shakes (usually between £35-£40) and for your shaker!

TBH - from a cd'er since April, I don't find the cd shaker that good. Blenders however are fab!! ;)

Good luck hun x x x
buy your CD shaker from argos or asda as they are about £3 cheaper from there than a CDC.

all though i do agree with EmmaPetty, blenders are much better, but the shakers give your arms a good bashing!!!! feeling you bingo wings flap about is quite entertaining :)
LOL SpecialK. That's funny. I'll take the advice of you and Emma and shoot to Argos. It's just that I work a lot in Commmunity and don't have access to a blender so need a shaker.

Thanks Ladies x
your bingo wings will be gone in a flash, just make sure you give it a good shake, normally about 60 - 90 seconds, well at least untill all the lumps are gone.

i got mine from Argos, they are about £4 and are exactly the same as the CD ones just not got CD wrote on them, which is a god send when you dont want all the world and fred knowing your on the diet

good luck on starting tomorrow, so am i!

K x


Going for Goal!
lol @ specialk - i didn't think about bingo wings having a workout!!! he he!

ClaireMelanie - you can get battery hand blenders. I carry mine in my bag just incase! Got mine from Tesco for £4.99!!

Best of luck to both of you for starting tomorrow. You will have to join the daily thread and let us know how you get on :)

Hugs x x x

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