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Hi guys :)


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Chick10 is correct.

Thought I'd add - just to help you out a bit tomorrow when you weigh in - there are 2.2lbs in each kg. So multiply your weight in kg to get your weight in lbs.

Also, there are 14lbs in a stone (just in case you didn't know already!) so now at 140lbs you weigh 10stone. Good job on the loss :)


Likes to eat
There are 2.2 kg in a pound. There are 14 pounds in a stone. Let's do an example with your starting weight.

So you'd multiply your weight in kg (65) by 2.2 which gives you 143.

143 divide by 14 (to give you the weight in stone and lbs) is 10.214

So you're 10 stone, and 0.214 of a stone which is (0.214 x 14) = 3lbs = 10st3lbs.

Alternatively, you could do it that 140 is 10 stone, and then you know when you're 3lbs above 140, it's 10st3lbs :)

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