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hi guys

Hi my name is jenna and was diagnosed with pcos five years ago and have been ttc for that whole time I got pregnant november and lost in january the worst feeling I ever had even though I have had this so long now I never knew losing weight could help so much I am on my first week oflipotrim and have already lost eight pounds amazing :)

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8 pounds is amazing in your first week!! Keep up the good work :D
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Wow Jen! Well done on the 8lb loss!

I know how difficult it is to keep the weight off when you suffer with PCOS... I was diagnosed at 18. Had symptoms since being 15 which as you can imagine was embarrassing at school (I was called Chewbacca for most of my GCSE year)

I was told i would 98% struggle to conceive... i did by luck of the Irish become pregnant (by accident) in September 2004 which was a massive shock (Had only been with my partner 3 months!!!) and had a beautiful little boy who is 6 in June. We have since tried to have another child but i have had 2 missed miscarriages at around 4 weeks.

It was difficult, it still IS difficult but don't give up hope. Our bodies don't always let us down and if you keep the faith and tackle that weight... you never know what can happen. I was 10 stone when i fell pregnant... now i am 14 stone and my periods have completely stopped... but it does come back when i shake the weight off.

Keep talking... it really does help and the people here seem so lovely :)
Aww thank so much you have just given me so much hope and yes I can imagine what you went through at school night mare :-( im still trying hard to loose the weight and managed another two pound woo hoo but really massive thanks for your words of wisdom its so much better to talk to people going through the same x x

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Hi there, i was diagnosed 9 years ago and have been ttc for 4 years. I was on Lipotrim until last week and lost 1.5 stones.....started slimming world as i just needed to eat, Fertility doctor took one look at me and told me to come bck when i had lost 9 stones as they wouldnt help me. Understandable as i know its due to the risk associated with being very over weight and preggers. Me and OH want a baby more than anything so i know this is something that i have to do for our future. I have given myself 2 years to get to target and go back to docs if i havent caught pregnant. good luck with your journey hun, please know that your not alone and there are lots of supportive people on here who know exactly how you feel. xxxx
Hi hun keep going strong I no you can do it, I no exactly how you feel when it comes to wanting a baby its like everyone around you can do it and your always the one left disappointed, but all you have to think is one day it will happen for us and we no when it does are babys will be so loved I hope your going strong and always here for you :) x

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Hey Jen! What a fabulous loss! Congratulations!
I too am in a similar boat to you! I am so so sorry about your miscarriages, they are the most horrid experience ever.

Keep strong, and keep at it :)
Yes defo the worst time I have had still think about it every day I would be 8 months gone now it really is heartbreaking x

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