Hi i am new, new year, new flat, new ME!!


Hi my name is Natasha, i am 22 years old and very embarrassed as i am very over weight. :cry:I live in England and have just moved into a flat on my own after leaving my partner of 4years :eek: This is a new start for me and i want to do it in a nicer better looking healthy body. I did the lighterlife diet for 2 1/2 months last year from Aug to Oct and i lost 3stone :Dbut i had to stop as i moved out from living with my ex and into a flat on my own and i just could not affored the £66 a week, i was heartbroken and really gutted as the diet really worked for me. My mum said why not go on the cambridge diet and she would pay half for me :D so now i am waiting to start. I lost my job in dec but have an interview this Tuesday so i hope i get it so i can start this diet :p and get back on track to lose this weight and become a better more happy me. I am really excited and i cant wait i just want to get started. i hope u dont mind me posting as i am not on the diet YET but will be joining you all on it very soon i hope hehe :p:rolleyes: xxx
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Hi and welcome. Fingers crossed for you.

I did CD and lost nearly 5 stones and it is fine to do when your head is in the right place.

Just keep coming on here for support and you will be fine

Irene xx


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Hello Natasha, sorry to hear about the hard time you have had recently, but heres to looking forward to a happy, slimmer furture!!


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Hi natasha, good luck and welcome to the board.