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Hi, IBS sufferer trying Alli...

Hi everyone,

I just bought 2 weeks of Alli pills. Will be starting on Monday so any tips or hints would be useful please.

I have suffered with IBS for 10+ years now, I checked with my Dr about taking Alli and he said it would be ok to try it out but obviously to stop if my tummy didn't agree. My IBS swings from one degree to the other so pills like this may not be the best for me, I don't want to let them pass by without even giving them a go tho.
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Hi! I'm not sure if using Alli would effect your IBS, but it's definitely worth trying out! If you know which foods don't agree with you, you'll know to stay away from them. It's pretty much the same with Alli, you just have to stay away from foods with too much fat in them. I have a very mild form of IBS which is effected mostly by Indian food or foods with high fat contents, so while I've been on my low fat diet, I've not been bad at all. Hope it works out for you! :)
Thanks for posting Emma and Rach xxx

Got my food planned for the next few days...

At work from 9am to 9.35pm tomorrow so its got to be things I can cook in a microwave,
B. Porridge
L. Tin of Chicken and Mushroom soup
S. Go Ahead Raspberry bar
T. Frozen low cal/fat Korma
S. 2 Jaffa cakes

Off Tuesday and Wednesday so I can cook real food. Will have porridge or oatibix for breakfast, soup for lunch and for tea I've planned oven cooked fish, spinach and mash potato for one night and the other thin beef steak, spinach, grilled mushroom and tomato.

Got another full day on Thursday, not planned my food yet. I'm hoping I can motivate myself to get to an exercise class on Tuesday night so then I have Wednesday to recover lol
SOunds yummy, i think its a great idea that people post on here what they eat for their meals, as i sometimes get stuck thinking what to have then i come on here and look at what everyone else is eating!!!
What fish you having? i believe salmon can upset quite a few people!!
I've got some smoked River Cobbler. I like that and Tilapia because they have no bones to pick out. They aren't expensive either compared to Cod and Monkfish.

I like smoked fish poached in milk (soya) in the oven. I cook plain fish on a bed of spinach with a splash of lemon juice and wine if I have some.
Steak will be done on a griddle pan, a few squirts of fry-light to stop it from sticking. Same for the mushroom and tomato.

What's your favourite low fat meal?
ooh your making me hungry now lol,. i love pasta with philadelphia melted into it with garlic and tuna or chicken, i could eat past everyday i love it.. I wish i liked spinach, i used to when i was a child but unfortunately no longer do!! The steak and mushrooms also sound great. I also like to make my own currys which are also low fat!!
I like to make a Quorn curry, gently fry small diced carrot, celery and onion in some fry-lite add your spices and frozen quorn pieces, I add water from the pasta or rice I'm cooking but plain water would be ok, just enough to be able to simmer. When it's cooked down and the veg is tender I add a spoonful of low fat soft cheese to make it all creamy and smooth.

Get yourself a nice big glass of water or squash and have a cracker x
I use the soft cheese with everything i personally think its a life saver, :) i have been using the qourn chicken, its really good, even got my husband on to it and i never thought he would. It doesnt work out too expensive either which is another bonus!!


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Hi Stella and Rach! Your meal plans are all making me hungry! I also struggle to think of good meals to have. I'm a student so I like to keep things simple and stick to easy meals to go with my limited budget. I also love pasta with soft cheese and tuna, it's the best! I eat a lot of soup too. I'm tempted to switch over to quorn because it's low fat and it takes the same as real chicken. Might check it out when I go shopping tomorrow! :)
Pasta is definitely good and cheap when your on a budget, and rice!! I sometimes do boiled baby potatoes with chives/garlic and philadelphia, yummy!! I eat tins of spaghetti too, i love it and its very filling and cheap!! Soup i also love and rice cakes!!


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Thanks for the tips, I seem to eat the same things as you lol. I try not to eat too much pasta or potatoes as the carbs aren't very good for me. I eat wholemeal pasta and rice now but I don't think its as nice as the normal stuff. Going to tesco tomorrow to try and find some nice new things to eat :)
I've been eating brown rice and pasta for a year or so now, measuring it out dry too instead of just throwing 'some' into the pan, kidding myself I'll just eat some and then shovelling in the lot.

I had today all planned, but after a night of poor sleep (and a horrible spider nightmare) I forgot to take the frozen meal for my tea, snacks and clean underwear/wipes. Thankfully there was no need for the emergency pants and I could buy a meal and snacks from Morrisons next door to where I work.

I've remembered to take some fish out for tea tomorrow night and now I'm having a low alcohol lager and lime before bed.


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I get fed up of food too, it's a nightmare trying to find something different to eat every day. I will check out the Tesco lighter choices, thanks for the tip Ellie!

I've also started measuring out my rice and pasta dry, otherwise if I just chuck it in a pan I end up with a huge bowl of it, and I'll just get carried away and eat it all lol. I got a set of measuring cups from the pound shop and they've been brilliant for helping my portion control.

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