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hi im 16 and im 110kgs in need of help

hi well last month i joined a gym and i burn over 700 calories a day when i started the gym i weights 111.7kgs and now i weigh 109kgs thats a whole month and 2.7kgs less... thats rediculous... :( also i cut down my portions i eat sultana bran in the mornings and sandwiches in the afternoon and a curry at night (the curry is homemade coz im asian :p) but i think i shoulda lost more by now i mean its anoying me. i go to the gym almost everyday. but i think im not losing weight bcs apart from going gym for an 1hour and a half each day i spend all day in bed on the computer... which is propbably why ive lost eff all... little help please?

also im 5"9 if that helps
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Welcome uzzy30,

Well done on going to the gym and working out and losing 2.7kg.:happy096:

Your weight loss is excellent and within the guide lines of a healthy weight loss, which is 1lb/0.5kg to 2lb/0.9kg a month and you have lost 6lb/2.7kg

When you begin working out you are building muscle and if you have done body measurements you would know you are losing inches as well as weight. I am sure you are noticing it in your clothes?

Is someone helping you at the gym with your work out? As it helps to change your routine from week to week.

Your food sounds lovely and healthy.

If you are a boy you would still be growing so your calorie requirements and nutrition would be a lot different to an adult. I would not really be able to advice on this.

Besides the gym, walking is another way to shift the weight and being out in the sun will help greatly with your vitamin D which is necessary for good bones and teeth...when you are young at the age you are now, you are laying down the foundation for your old age.:)

Has your doctor gave you a diet sheet for your age to follow?

Your BMI is 35.3


Love Mini xxx
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Welcome from me too uzzy30 :D

You are doing well, honestly and Mini has made some excellent points here about things like walking more for exercise and to encourage safe and steady weightloss.

I hope you feel at home very soon here and supported on the site as lots of other members will understand a lot of how you are feeling,

Isis xx :)
yeah my doctor told me to loose weight and thats it altho when i started out my bmi was 37 so ive lost 2bmi is that good? im new to this i mean ive always liked sports and but i moved schools 2 years ago and had my exams and i ballooned i mean i hate being this way but i wanna know if im on the right track


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btw thanks for ur help guys its much appreciated :D
You're very welcome and keep posting for support or even think about opening up your own diary thread in members diaries section,

Isis xx :)


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I agree with the others, thats a good amount. You are on the right track! A trick that I'm keeping in my mind as help is that if I had lost even 1lb per week since I've been worrying about my weight, I'd be thin by now!!! Good luck with your journey.


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You are deffo on the right track uzzy!
Slow & steady wins the race...but you have def got off to a great start.
Just stick with it and you'll soon notice the difference. You seem to have a lot of willpower which is a good thing :)
stick at it and keep posting. Keep reading the different threads to gain motivation and a better understanding of the wonderful jouney that is weightloss. x


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hey hon. you're doing really well so far, even if it doesn't feel like it.

keep at it, keep as active as possible and watch your portion sizes and it will come off. doing it now is well well worth it!!

abz xx
Hi everyone in desperate need of help, after birth of my daughter i put on 6 stone, i have lost a bit of weight but keep slipping and keep going back to chocolate crisps and everything else unhealthy. my boyfriend keeps ordering take aways and tells me i dont need to lose weight this really gets on my nerves because i know he is lying i got no support what so ever. been told to try cambridge or lighter life but cant afford it, please help i feel like a pig.

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