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Hi , I'm back !!- long one LOL


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hello all, Im back from the most awful holiday I have ever had !
We went to Reighton Sands near Filey/ Scarborough/Whitby.
we arrived on Friday to find we had a tv but no picture or sound -great !. So i went and complained - they told me that it is a bad reception area !- so how come i could see next doors telly just fine?
On sunday a guy came round and said it wasnt the tv it was the arial he would send another guy........... On Friday(departure day) he still hadnt turned up. We had to buy a DVD player and some films, a radio, and loads and loads of toys for son to play with. The weather was not good , windy and raining on and off. The swimming pool was totally unsuitable for son to get into and even if we did get into it there was nowhere for us to change him Grrrrrr !!.
We had frozen meals reheated in a microwave. It cost £1.95 for a portion of chips that was served in a bowl no bigger than a mullerlight yogurt pot- and they were frozen.
The so called traditional fish and chips was out of the freezer.
We had a day at Flamingo land- when we got to the gates to pay she just looked at us and said -''your paying for 1 adult,1 disabled person and 1 carer ,yes?
err yes, I said.
she handed me our tickets and a little orange booklet- this was the guide to the park for disabled visitors ..... she might as well of told me -" Dont bother taking your son in cos he cant have a go on any of the rides" !!!. Wot a load of crap, So we paid £48 to look at a few animals, and half of them wasnt out cos it was damp and overcast and the staff had left the animals house doors open so they could go back in side.
Even in the little kids area there was nothing for son to do. We thought we could go for a ride on the overhead train thingy, hubby could of hold onto son , and we could of stayed on and come back and got his wheelchair - but oh no -it was one way only !!!
The whole week was a total disaster with the weather and the site we stayed at.
To top it off the hospice told us that she can only let us have one week in september (8th-13th) so now Im gonna have a real struggle to get them dates for a holiday whereas before I could of played withing the 2 weeks- hubby was not happy at all. So that wound us up

I have eaten total crap whilst we been away
fish and chips x 2
burger and chips x 2
lasagne and chips
spaghetti bolognese
half a tub of mini coc muffins
jam roly poly and custard x 2
and loads of other stuff.

still I have until Wednesday to sort myself out!!
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sorry you had such an awful time. I hope when you go on your next holiday it will be MUCH better x x x x


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aww what a nightmare for you.
i too have a disabled child and find it a mare trying to arrange breaks for the time she has in respite.you request dates and usually never get them(in my case anyway).
hope all goes well and you find a nice hol.
as for the food you've eaten,dont worry.you've been stressed out and that happens to us all.
good luck getting back on track x
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Gosh how terrible for you. We nearly went there last year, glad we didn't now! Hope you find a good holiday for next time :)


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Welcome Back!

Alice I am so sorry to hear you had such an awful holiday...must be so upsetting for all of you. Hopefully your next holiday will work out happier.

Love Mini xxx


soon to be skinny minnie
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Hi Alice, Great to have you back love. Sorry you didn't enjoy your holiday very much, hope you have a better one next time.

Dont worry too much about what you ate whilst away, you were on holiday, just set yourself a date to get back on the sw wagon xx
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Oh my gosh. That is just awful! Sorry to hear youv had such an awful time!! thats just pretty poo. Im sure you can pull the plan back together in time for WI on wed though, youv got plenty of time. So dont fret.

*hugs* Boo crappy holidays and crappy weather!


Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
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Oh my goodness, I don't think you should worry too much about what you ate, it sounds like you had plenty to cope with, without caring about that. You'll sort it out now you're back.

Those Flamingos sound like a right bunch of idiots, with their pink feathers and one way rides! Next time I see one, I will totally kick it.

I'm sorry your son had a crap time, bless him...How old is he?


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Oh Alice, what a shame, I am so sorry that you had such a bad holiday - maybe you could complain and get a refund, it's worth a try I'm sure.

Good luck with your WI on Wednesday. X


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Oh Alice! You could have popped round and stayed with us! We're about 2o miles away. I've never liked the look of that place when I go to Scarboro. I'm sorry you had such a cr*p time. Yes the tv reception was lousey last week, we only get the signal one way (inland) and it isn't worth watching. (sometimes we get Dutch tv instead!) the Sealife centre in Scarboro is good, but I take it you won't be coming back in a hurry? :eek:


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I am so sorry that you had such a bad holiday. So disappointing when it's something the whole family has looked forward to.
Don't worry about what you ate.
Just start afresh. You'll be fine!

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