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Hi I'm Dani and I'm a process-food-aholic



I thought I'd start one of these bad boys up!

My name is Dani and I'm 25... I live with my fiance at his dad's house (we're saving for our own at the moment).

I am a processed food aholic. Not on purpose by any means. I naturally used to be very slim but time and lifestyle have caught up with me and now I'm doing something about it.

My biggest problem is lack of planning. I mean to plan but always forget so SW is perfect for me as I love healthy food but I just need a kick up the backside when I sit down and plan meals.

So far I've been a member for 2 weeks and tonight is my 2nd WI.

Last week I lost 5.5lbs which shocked me as although I was pretty good I didn't realise I could lose that much weight so easily.

I am also doing this in conjunction with giving up smoking and have managed 10 days without a cigarette. Last time I gave up I piled on 2 stone so hopefully this time it'll be a little easier to quit without eating an entire KFC boneless banquet.

So here's to me being lighter, brighter and smelling nicer haha.

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Wahey sounds like you're on a roll! Best of luck with both weight loss and giving up the smoking. Look forward to hearing more of your journey :)

Lady A

Loves to Shop!
Hi Danni,

Well done for quitting smoking and deciding to follow slimming world. Remember you can always use your syns if you fancy a treat and there's the lovely sw kfc chicken recipe on the recipe thread. I live in with my junk food loving 'Slim' brother but I just don't feel tempted to cheat any more. Anyway best of luck.

Aisha xx


Pea on legs!
Wow - SW and giving up smoking together - bravo!

I'm not much of a planner either, I'd rather eat what I most feel like, so I've got a stock of recipes which use a mixture of store cupboard ingredients and fresh and I choose from that on a daily basis. Works well for me, especially as most of the dishes I make work well with all kinds of different meat/veg - like curries, or pasta dishes.

I used to be a processed food junkie too - my cupboard is still full of crap to prove it - most of it probably out of date now!

Good luck!


Aww thanks everybody. I thought if I did both at the same time it would initially be hard but easier in the long run.

My WI is in 2 hours. Quite nervous as I've been exercising more this week and used more of my syns. Totally within the rules but I'm hoping I don't STS. If I lose 1.5 lbs I'll get my first half stone award and I REEEEALLY want a sticker.
( I may REEEEALLY like shiny stickers lol!)


This time its for keeps!
Good luck for your weigh in and congrats on taking the first steps to a thinner perfumed new you!!! Isnt it funny the magnetic draw the shiny stickers have, I actually think to myself in weak moments what do i want more that chocolate of the next sticker, so far its always been the sticker!!!!


So sadly no sticker! I got a 0.5lb loss which I wasn't too shocked at. I've been flirting with Green Days but I think I might be addicted to milk so going back to EE. Also been using most of my syns so going to try and stick to 10 this week and see what happens.

Got a curry buffet wedding tomorrow so planning that out tactically and hoping for my sticker next week. :)


This time its for keeps!
congrats on getting a loss! at least you know now which plan suits you best. my consultant says that if you go over milk allowance it can really slow down loss she insists we measure ours out daily!! But it does help in showing how much you can use...heres to another good week...and enjoy the wedding and the curry!
Well done on your loss so far, may only be half a pound but that's 6lbs over 2 weeks which is fantastic! x


Thank you :)

I'm so proud if myself yesterday. I was in a real rush when I came home ad my M-I-L to be was taking me to a Partylite thing. I made sure I had a huge salad before I went out and didn't even touch the food she had laid on.

Yay! :)
And I got bought some shiny, holographic candle thing for my bday. Kind of like a sticker lol!


I had a bad day yesterday. Though I knew it would happen.

I food optimised the hell out of my day but then ended up having to spend 4.5 syns on Subway dressing (though I had a HUGE ass salad so not completley naughty).

Then I went to this wedding, in the dress I couldn't get done up before Christmas (the one that made me join SW!) it was tight but it fit and that was enough for me.

I ended up having three drinks (less than I thought :)) at 15 syns. Then came the food and I was... sort of good. I went for the veggie option, boiled rice and stepped far, far away from the Naans and Poppadoms.

It was then the wedding favours... a table full of sweets. Arghh. I had some gummy eggs and hearts and a few jazzies. Totally not expected but ah well.

The wedding itself was boring, no idea who anybody was (it's my OH's family friends). We sort of just sat in the corner looking a bit lost.

Anyway, I've drawn a line under it and been on a Green Day today. That's going v well and I've not used any syns (plan to go synless for 2 days to make up for naughtiness).

Sadly, in the night I woke up having a bit of a nightmare that my engagement ring had broken and lo! and behold two of the holders on the sapphire had got caught on my PJs and wrenched off.

The sapphire has fallen out and I was in pieces. Luckily we found it all and we're going to get it all fixed but soooo sad and upset:cry:


So I think I've been OK this week. I've not cut my syns down like I planned but I've made up for the extra the other night.

Might have had a few more yesterday though when I let my OH cook. He made the kebab recipe but I didnt check the mince he used. When we were eating it I felt that it was a little greasy but put it down to it being baked on a tray. It wasn't until I went into the kitchen I saw he'd used the cheapy cheap mince and the tray was an inch deep in fat. I could have cried!

Drawing a line under it but fully expecting to gain if not STS this week. Will have to see tomorrow. Xxx


Eeek, shockingly bad week.

I feel so naughty but not on purpose. It's been so hard to track that I've gone all wonkified. If I gain or STS this week I'll know why though and I won't let it get me down.

Basically, 5lbs lost on my WI last week. Shocked, amazed and astounded as I thought I'd had a bad week. Seems a little bit of a splurge kickstarted a loss. Not that I'll keep doing that.

Started off this week well, driving up to see relatives. Got my Superfree and my syn free snacks all sorted for the car journey.

Got there and managed to have some 12 Speed Soup on me for dinner (it was that or a greasy chilli my 22 stone b-i-l to be made!)

Then I had Weetabix the next morning (meant for the dog but turns out he hated them, thus in the cupboard. Score 1 for me)

It all started to go a bit wrong on Saturday. We visited my grandma who had bought this gorgeous chocolate cake in. She can't eat it because of her health so I had a good quarter of it.

Then on Sunday we went to Taybarn's, it's an all-you-can-eat up North, with carvery salad etc. Had a great, superfree packed dinner but didn't stop when I was full. Then I ate some profiteroles. Woops.

The way back we managed to go to the only service station the length of the country that housed KFC, Starbucks, McDonalds & Burger King. I had to make do with a salad from Starbucks that I can't find on the syn counter thus it was probably riddled with syns.

Got home and made a nice free dinner but I keep picking at biscuits. Amaretti ones, so only 1 syn but where I've lost track of a few meals it's been quite hard.

Lunch today was an utter disaster. Went into town as my 12 Speed Soup hadn't defrosted. Worked out my syns for Caffe Nero when my colleagues sprung on me we weren't going there. I was STARVING and ended up picking up some Thai Green Curry Chicken noodle thing. Locally made. No label. No nothing. Then ordered a Cappuccino and they didn't have skimmed milk (the *******s!)

Back on track for tomorrow though... and as I've said if I gain, I gain and if I STS then I STS. Won't let it get me down.

Fingers crossed I've not buggered it all up LOL


This time its for keeps!
thats the way to approach it easy glitter - just get right back on track! and to be fair it wasnt all your fault! I find eating out incredibly hard as there are really are few healthy choices which look appetising! Youve have great losses already maybe a few superspeed food would help kickstart the losses again!


So I've made it to my 2nd milestone. One whole stone lost in 5/6 weeks and to say I'm over the moon is an understatement.

I was panicking a bit as I hadn't been writing anything down really. I was keeping track of my syns to a degree but the days were bleeding together so I've started my food diary on here again and am updating it every lunchtime and trying to every night as well.

Was a bit naughty after WI and had a McDonalds :eek: but I only had a burger and gave all the chips to my poor suffering OH. I factored it into my week and am not letting it get me down. I just felt, if I didn't have it I would sneak off an have a a blow out.

Needless to say it wasn't half as satisfying as I remember and I ate one chip and gagged at the amount of grease on it. Who'd have thunk it?

So hoping for 2lbs this week and still well on track. The cooking has become second nature now and I'm making some random but lovely concoctions.

Going out at the weekend but not even nervous. We went out last week and I really felt... gosh, the syns in these drinks aren't really worth it are they?

According to my chart I should hit Club 10 in a couple of weeks and then it's plain sailing to target.... and I've only just started. I understand things will be sent to try me but with the results I've seen over the last month and a bit I feel like nothing can stop me. :D

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